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    What happend to Monitor arrangements and presets? why downgrading CCC ? is it fun to annoy your costumers?


      I tought "wow those chrimson driver look cool, manage your game overdrive settings and everything, nice"... well that was a big mistake.

      I have 3 Monitors on of them is a 4K TV. Since the update i've encountered this castrated catalyst control center which is now useless. I cant rearrange my Monitors. At first i tought im dumb and after a few minutes researching i found enough frustrated people like me. I cant use presets to swap my 4K TV to primary or my 2,5K monitor to primary. you know what? i have to pull my cables, restart my pc and only plug in my primary Screen to make it primary. Is it 1980 again or what happend? Fix this ******** thing these jokes are getting ridiculous, probably my last time buying an amd graphic's card.

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          I have a similar problem.  I have four VE228H monitors connected to two Radeon 7950s.  I am not using Crossfire for this configuration.  There is a fifth monitor if the one built into the 4770K is counted.  Arranging monitors was easy in CCC before upgrading to Crimson 15.11.  Crimson 15.11 made a mess of my monitor arrangement.  It added the fifth monitor, and using the mouse was more than interesting.  By disabling that monitor in Device Manager, I got lucky, and my postage stamp configuration returned.  I tried using Crimson's Eyefinity, and it let me know there are no supported monitors.  Hmmm!!!  Going into Additional Settings from Crimson's Display menu brought up a CCC-like interface, but monitor arrangement is not there either.  I thought about trying Eyefinity there, but I was afraid that I would end up with another mess; notwithstanding, other members reported that changes there are not saved.


          Has the monitor arrangement feature been added back to Crimson 16.1.1?  I am planning to add two more monitors bringing the total to six and replacing the 7950s with two R9 380s, but until I know monitor arrangement is working properly, I am not making any changes.  So AMD guys, you are losing sales!!!