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    I still cannot get Crimson to detect and install the correct drivers for the video card in my system.


      I have a R9 380 video card and have removed all previous drivers using control panel and display removal software in safe mode, and rebooted. After the restarting, the AMD auto detect software displays that my video card is a r9 2xx video card, which it isn't. If I install the newest crimson software, The result is r9 2xx software installed, observable in gpu-z and msi afterburner. If I uninstall that software, reboot, and install the old (catalyst) software which came with the video card and reboot it shows up as a r9 380 card!  I am running windows 10x64, on an Asus Rog motherboard, with a coreI5 processor. Am I doing something wrong?

      This software sucks!