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    installation languange


      AMD installer/crimson installation wrong language and i try full clean installation many times but at the end of installation proces instead of norwegian language it will change to uruchom ponownie teraz polish language.

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          you get the option to select the language at the very beginning of the install process , select the language wanted then

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            This happens on every computer with an AMD card I know of. This problem have been there since the launch of the Crimson drivers. It is not fixed as of 16.11.2

            I always choose the right language at the start of the install, most of the install is in Norwegian, but when it comes to the restart process it turns specifically the buttons for "Restart now" and "Restart manually later" to Polish.


            Fix asap please. I can be very confusing for normal people who get told to update their graphics drivers, only to have the last step of the process turn the language to Polish.