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My 8350 lowering clock speed

Question asked by pirlo on Feb 4, 2016



I've been playing GTA 5 the last couple of days and my fps kept going down to 20 randomly so I suspected the temperature to be the problem, like it was when I had a stock cooler. Anyway, the cores go from around 4ghz to 1.3ghz when the temperature reaches 64 C (I've ran the test with Aida64). That's the temperature the cpu reaches when I play gta for around 15 minutes.

What puzzles me is that the cooler I now use is a Corsair h75i which should be decent if the CPU is not OC-ed. So I'm not sure if it's normal that it lowers the cores at 64C or is my VRM overheating.

I'm researching it because I want to know if I should buy a new cooler, if this one is defective, or I should get a new motherboard.

The setup is:

8350 stock clock speeds

AsRock extreme 3 r2.0

Corsair h75i push/pull config

Case is nzxt H440 with 4 fans (excluding the cpu fans and gpu fans)


Thanks in advance!