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    autodetectutility 16 bit MS-DOS


      otherboard integrated graphics AMD Radeon 4200
      Operating system windows 7 32 bit rus
      Driver version installed rus  Radeon Software  version 08.00.0877
      Display Devices?Make and model, connection/adapter in use, resolution and refresh rate; hz 60   lenovo generic pnp monitor 1366x768

      Motherboard◦Make and model lenovo g 565 model
      CPU/APU◦Make and model number AMD Athlon(tm) II P360 DUAL-CORE Processor 2.30 GHz

      •Power Supply Unit  le20v45a-55*25o 20w
      RAM◦Amount of memory installed 2 gb

      reset windows 7 32 bit download  запустил  and autodetectutility
      Start downloading drivers for your video card and after 5 seconds and ended and immediately surfaced error
      16-bit MS-DOS subsystem processor subsystem ntvdm encountered an illegal instruction. The CS: IP grandfather: 63 61 6C 65 3D, select Close to terminate the applicati


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