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AMD r7 m260 stops working whenever is reboot (windows 10)

Question asked by fmenezes on Feb 3, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2016 by amdmatt

hi guys,

i have a laptop with a AMD r7 m260 graphic card. everything worked fine until i updated to windows 10.

i started getting really bad performance, so i thought that probably the game was being run by the integrated card.

i reinstalled the AMD driver with success and everything started working again.


the problem is that whenever i reboot the pc, the first problem occurs and i get really bad performance again!

i tried reinstalling the driver again and the same happened, first everything is okay but as soon as i shut off the pc it stops working.


i can get the card to work, but it is annoying to always reinstall the driver when i start the pc...


i also tried several drivers (Crimson 15.12 and Catalyst 15.7.1 which is the one i have installed now) with the same results.


any help is appreciated


thanks in advance