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Black rectangle on HDMI screen, please help

Question asked by tornade on Feb 3, 2016

Hello everybody,


Since 2 months now, I've got an ugly black rectangle box on my HDMI screen and, after a long and desperate search on the net I just gave up !
I need your help to fix this :



Here are the steps I have already tried :

- Uninstall the drivers and reinstall the previous one

- I even change my primary graphic cards (previous card was a NVIDIA), to be able to play AC : Syndicate
- I tried the HDMI on both card (obviously not at the same time) but same issue
- and "yes" my old stuff (drivers, programs, ...) from NVIDIA are all uninstalled since I removed the card

- also, I upgraded to windows 10 from windows 7 and it still the same

- also this black thing doesn't appear when I put something on full screen, instead I've got a white little pixel which appears sometime

Please, I really REALLY need your help !


Here is a summary of my configuration :
TOSHIBA-TV  is the HDMI and only use for watching movies and now it's plug into the HD 5450



Thank you in advance for your help


p.s : I don't know if you'll notice, but the rectangle is not really black, it would be more dark gray, plus there are two small arrows in the lower right corner