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    Crossfire STILL not working with latest 16.1.1


      I am still having issues with crossfire working for both of my graphics cards (XFX R9 290 Black OC edition cards). Win 10 64


      I have used the removal tool for AMD drivers, reinstalled the graphics drivers, no dice, removal tool again, installed the latest beta catalyst drivers, still no dice. Installed 16.1 after the last crimson driver  ... still no dice.Installed a fresh install of 16.1.1, no dice. Rise of the Tomb Raider, Rainbow 6, FFXIV Direct X 11, no crossfire ... it can't be just because I am using Eyefinity either.


      Here are my issues:


      1. Crossfire is nowhere to be found, other than changing it specifically in a game profile (which does absolutely nothing), there is no global settings for always enabled or not in EVERY version of Crimson. Why not release 2 drivers, one vanilla driver for people who are used to just clicking a button and playing a game, and release a second version of the driver for advanced users who are more familiar with having to tweak their graphics settings to get any AMD product to actually perform.
      2. New "profiles" that have came out, for instance for the new game Rise of the Tomb Raider that I just wasted $ on (like my 2 graphics cards apparently) are touted as having crossfire profiles setup.
      3. I cannot go into Advanced setup of any kind through the crimson drivers, even after completely removing the drivers using the removal tool ... when I click on "Try Advanced Setup" from either the Display tab, or by going to preferences and "Radeon Additional Settings", I am brought to a screen that shows me the latest software version .... Right clicking on my desktop does not give me any Radeon options, I can only access the Crimson Radeon Settings by using the arrow in the lower right of my desktop.


                This means that I cannot go in and manually edit my eyefinity settings, as when I click on Eyefinity tab in Crimson, all I am left to select is 'Discard'.


           4. If AMD is not ever going to fully support and work out all of the bugs with Crossfire and efficiently running games on the hardware they come out with, why did I ever waste my money on cards that have                been under-performing since day 1?


      Really, this is getting to be such a sore subject to me, I am about ready to just count my lost $, sell the 2 cards on eBay to some poor soul and go with NVidia.

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          I am having the same issue. With 15.12, I can mess with the registry settings to get crossfire to work, but messing with the registry settings for 16.1.1 does nothing. Even going through and setting EnableCrossfireforNonProfileApps to 1 (on), does nothing. I noticed that it does nothing in 15.12 as well, but it is all based on forcing it in the AMD Crimson program in 15.12, however that option isn't in 16.1.1 (Feb 4th)


          AMD please give back the option to force crossfire. Changing registry values seems to do nothing so it seems to be something in the driver itself that is requiring you to have the AMD Crimson program, and to specifically use set profiles for crossfire (which many times does not work)


          Is AMD trying to discourage Crossfire now? Amd will only lose money from this.

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              I have always had Crossfire functioning fine on this system. I reluctantly updated to this new driver, not I have no Crossfire, not way to see if Cross fire is working. Nothing has changed, but your software, and now I have no Crossfire. I swear if I ever buy another ATI card, I hope lighting, or a high speed car strikes me. Every time I update the drivers it is 1 to three days wasted, and no game play.

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              I have the same problem... been having this issue for months now since the 15.XXX drivers


              My situation is that BOTH crossfire and vsr keeps getting disabled randomly from time to time without notice. The only hint you will get is that your monitor suddenly flashes with a DP icon appearing on the top corner of your screen (DELL u27 here) and a device disconnect/connect sound coming from windows, indicating that the display driver was recently unloaded/reloaded. now if i navigate into the advance settings under 15.xxx drivers, i can see that vsr and crossfire is suddenly disabled.


              I have tried to email AMD on this issue ages ago but the standard response of trying to uninstall and reinstall drivers again never helped me.

              I eventually just gave up contacting them and wrote an app myself to detect and re-activate crossfire and vsr on my desktop


              When Crimson 16.1.1 came out i thought this fixes the problem, but it doesn't. In fact, you can no longer FORCE crossfire onto all apps which sucks big time.


              Oh btw, using the AMD uninstall app to remove old drivers didnt help, the install was still corrupted -> advance settings tab in Crimson just shows the current driver version and a button to check for latest updates.


              So if you have the same problem, here is what I did:

              1) disable your antivirus ( i set mine to disable until next reboot)

              2) get the latest version of DDU (just google it) and use it to uninstall your existing drivers and clean your registry. it will boot into safe mode and get all this done.

              3) then boot back into windows normally, this time remember to disable your AV again

              4) now you can uncompress your 16.1.1 and install, then reboot your system

              5) now Crimson interface will launch the CCC properties menu when you chose advance settings. From here you can enable or disable crossfire or chose to enable any combination of crossfire cards if you have more than 2 cards. It still does not have the option to force crossfire on apps with no profile.


              This still doesn't solve the issue of crossfire and vsr being randomly disabled on their own without notice tho. in addition to this, when crossfire is globally enabled, and you click on disable crossfire for a specific game profile, it is STILL enabled. the disable option setting on the per-game profile is totally ignored here.


              I feel like for my loyalty to AMD, i am being cut and then having salt rubbed into my wounds. Honestly, i don't care much about a fancy looking brushed silver user interface (Crimson). I much prefer a rock solid set of driver and application suite that is stable, fast and reliable. I didn't buy these GPU so i can launch up the settings panel and gaze at it all day long. I got the gpus so i can use them to play games / do work across various apps and games.

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                I ended up pulling the whole thing out and getting a 980ti this weekend. WOW do I feel back at home with Nvidia. No need for Crossfire and the 980ti just blows the 295x2 out of the water. The 295x2 (when crossfire actually works) can beat out the 980ti on benchmarks but when it comes to gaming Nvidia is just the way to go I have determined.  Hands down will I never go with AMD again.  It's just too much hassle (even as an enthusiast who loves to tinker with things).


                Anyone wanna buy a 295x2??  Also have the 34" Acer for sell.

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                  Odd that its not working for you. But try a total clean install following the guide here. If the latest drivers still wont work, report to AMD so they know and hopefully can sort it with the next driver and go back to a driver that worked. Confirm your system is up to date as well (often overlooked) using Windows Update, seemed to have solved the issue for another user on a 2xx card.

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                        You may mean well, but we have all gotten the How to re install standard message they send everyone hoping they will go away after that.


                      And I bet most if not every one here has tried all those uninstall tip's far more than once, and that is what brought us here.


                      Sending a message to support just gets you the standard message again on how you are to stupid to know how to install your driver's so we will tell you again.


                        The driver installation is not only screwed, it also has removed half of my ability to play games, by disabling one of my cards, and giving no options to turn on crossfire.


                        I pay double price for cards, and only get One.  They need to fix this, they caused it.

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                      I've had the same issue with my two 390X's. Started my own post here, https://community.amd.com/thread/197454

                      I have reported the issue to AMD and can/will not go back to 15.12 because my GPU's were overheating due to the fans not working properly, I had to manually turn them on or my GPU's would melt. Before you ask, no they did not overheat I caught the problem in time as to avoid any damage.


                      I agree with the original poster though, we spent good money on these GPU's to gain performance with Crossfire being the main reason (obviously) and I think we deserve a better answer than "reinstall the drivers following this guide". We have been there and back several times. I consider myself an advanced PC builder with several years of experience and have never had any issues using Crossfire, I still have an i7 920 rig with two HD5770's that runs perfectly fine.


                      All I want is an answer or even better some real help. I don't care if it is something like, "We don't have any idea whats going on and don't have any plans to look into it.", at least it is something. Personally I have been an AMD GPU user for at least 10 years and have no plans of going back to NVIDIA. Just give us something...

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                          The forum is user to user, you may get some insiders pointing you in the right direction when possible. But otherwise the advice for things like this are all the (1st thing to try) basics. If everyone reports, like you have, you can then check the release notes of the latest or next driver to see if the issue has been noted or fixed.


                          As in my last post AMD engineers have acknowledged the problem with select x2 cards...

                          Known Issues:

                          • Cannot enable AMD Crossfire with some dual GPU AMD Radeon HD 59xx and HD 79xx series products

                          Its a broad guess but would seem this could be a GCN architecture CrossFire issue (7990).


                          You also have alternatives to any Crimson, a list of most past drivers can be downloaded here. You may need to work back through the release notes to find the GPU heat problem driver but I think it starts with the first Crimson if I remember correctly. Do you recall what driver worked well before?


                          Obviously this afternoon would be a great time to have a fix, but as you can see AMD are pushing these drivers fast. I'm sure it will be sorted soon.


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                          My problem is with my r9 295x2 crossfire will not disable.


                          Game profiles just do not work. This is the reason I think my card hasn't been working well in windows 10. I have been thinking crossfire was disabled but its not.


                          Re tested my older gtx 680ftw 4gb and that works perfectly fine.


                          If some people can't seem to get crossfire to enable and some can't get it disabled then there  is an obvious problem. and all of the drivers are doing this right now to me pre and post Crimson.


                          Also after the new windows update I keep getting the file system error -2018374635 when windows restarts.


                          Windows is a fresh install not an upgrade and all drivers for my system are up to date.


                          Also I am now also getting windows pop up telling me I have a second display device detected  and if I turn on vsr, which I don't I only have one monitor.


                          I noticed even using the amd driver clean and then ddu once I load the new crimson drivers there sometimes already profiles there. So the amd drivers are not getting un installed properly even with using the recommended procedure.


                          In the words of Papalazaroo " this is becoming a saga now"  and not a happy one.

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                            try the new 16.2.1 it fixts the crossfire problem!!

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                              I gave up and just bought a OC 980ti. It may technically have less performance than the two reference R9 290s I have, but that doesn't matter if games can't use (or be forced to use) Crossfire.


                              I can't stand by using drivers from last year, simply using Windows 10 is problem enough with or without using old drivers. Now I can finally play Fallout 4 without issues and of course, all the other games I have. Because it isn't just trying to get Crossfire to work, it's also having the second card installed seems to be giving me issues even if Crossfire is disabled. (not a problem I had with just one R9 290.) I could play on one R9 290, and sell the other. But what's the point when the performance is way less than a better card and even worse than two cards? I'd rather just stick with the competitor (and single cards) in the end.


                              When it comes time to buy another card early next year (cuz it's going to be a while before prices come down on the new cards that are going to be released later this year), I'll just buy the single most powerful one and end it there. (because both companies are having issues with dual, tri, quad cards)

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                                While issues still persist with many titles, I  (like normal) have tried to find as many work-arounds as possible for AMD hardware/software in order to make it perform as it should.  I am able to get some titles I enjoy playing to actually work with crossfire, yet others like AC Syndicate still will not perform, and I am worried that the Division wI'll have some of the same issues it did during beta, even though the last driver notes mention The Division.


                                My problem is, if I go with a non Crimson driver,  then I cannot play Rainbow 6, Rise of the Womb Raiders or who knowsaid what other games without crossfire. Still no profile for FFXIV Direct X 11.


                                What I did to get it actually perform halfway how it should:


                                1. Uninstall drivers using AMD

                                2. Restart

                                3. Download thisDisplay Driver Uninstaller Download version

                                4. Run for AMD removal (why does AMD recommend a third party app and not actually have this functionality built in when you do a new install I will never know).

                                5. Follow all the restart prompts.

                                6. Once it's done, un-plug any other external monitors you have other than your standard.

                                7. Install the new Crimson driver ... should like I said, be halfway working now.


                                Still, this is nothing AMD is worthy of achievement and by no means do my 2 cards perform as they should or seem to actually have functionality that I need, like FORCE CROSSFIRE FOR UNSUPPORTED.

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                                    I, like many others here, already know how to uninstall and use DDU (as we have been forced to use it for a while now in order to remove any conflicts with old and new drivers). Like I said though, I do not want to use a driver from last year, and AMD seems intent on not allowing Crossfire without profiles, so what is the point? 1 in 6 games will actually play with Crossfire without any issues. What's the point in Crossfire then?


                                    We're all better off sticking with a single, powerful card and not mess with Crossfire at all. Since AMD has got me salty over all of this, I'd rather stick with the tried and true oc 980ti.


                                    Of course AMD and the other company are going to HAVE to fix crossfire/sli, because guess what? More and more people are going to be playing games at 4k+ at 60fps+ and even the upcoming cards will not be able to provide that at just one card. Eventually there will be enough people to demand that all this gets fixed, and they will see the $$$ lost at not finding a solution to all this.

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                                    16.2.1 version of Crap-Olla









                                    I mean this really, really Suckkkks!

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                                      I fixed my issue! It was a BIOS setting, after resetting my BIOS to default Crossfire option came back. Investigating this I found that I had enabled "Above 4g  Decoding" and that caused conflicts with other devices.


                                      I have verified that Crossfire is now working with ALL Crimson versions up to and including 16.2.1

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                                          Thank you for that very useful feedback.

                                          Can you attach an image of the BIOS setting you are referring to ? Also, what is your motherboard and what BIOS are you using ?


                                          Thanks !

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                                              My system runs the Asus Sabertooth X99 motherboard with BIOS version 2001. I believe the BIOS setting I'm referring to is in the 'Boot' menu and listed as 'Above 4G Decoding' and the options are '[ENABLE/DISABLE]'.


                                              Doing some research I discovered this is to allow 'a' 64 bit PCIe device to access memory above the 4GB address space. I emphasize 'a' because as the definition reads it sounds like both your cards will map to above 4GB address space but with that 'a' it really means only one GPU will map above that 4GB address space. It goes on to state that the primary GPU should always be mapped to below the 4GB address. This I believe was my conflict, the GPU's could not link because they were using different address spaces (one below 4GB and one above 4GB). In addition the GPU that did map to 'Above 4GB' was conflicting with other hardware ther fore disabled. Researching further I found that typical enthusiast GPU's are GRID and that 'Above 4GB Decoding' is for Tesla cards as GPU's of GRID cards will be virtualized as vGPU and only require below 4GB address. Basically this setting is for Xeon Phi and other similar cards.


                                              It's all still a bit confusing to me so I hope I got it rite. Here are a couple links that helped me.

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                                              Couldnt find this option on my BIOS?

                                              Ps: I have an Asus Sabertooth 990fx with gigabyte dual uefi bios 2013 version

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                                              New game, The Division .... AMD releases a hot fix driver which addresses crossfire for the game. The only issue is the hot fix driver is causing massive flickering and seizure inducing effects when you are indoors.


                                              I should have expected it.


                                              Do you guys at AMD even play games, or just churn and squirt out drivers which only really support the latest devices?

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                                                  I created a thread about flickering and there was no answer. Where is the help ? I have two video cards HD7850 in Crossfirex 16.3 did not help, flickers. Where is the help ?

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                                                      Just FYI, most if not all the replies on these forums are users responding to other users with a similar issue. the official AMD folks don't actually come in here to respond. I've been trying to get help from the official AMD support folks for ages and each time it has been a disappointing experience. Most recently I complained about poor performance on XCOM 2 with the latest 16.3 drivers. Their only response was sorry to hear about that ... reinstall your drivers and lower your gfx settings. This is a 3x crossfire running on 290x and an x99 5930K with 64bg system we are talking about here.


                                                      I havent played the division (gonna install it tonight maybe) but for XCOM 2 i had heaps of issues with artifacting, stutter, judder and poor frame rates. I've gone from installing 16.1.1 to 16.3


                                                      issues i had during this process:Enable/Disable crossfire option suddenly gone. poof. The cause of this was a bad install. I ended up using DDU to clean and remove the previous drivers and then re-install the new drivers (all this with antivirus switched off). This worked.


                                                      starting with 16.2 AMD included crossfire profile for XCOM 2; this only marginally improved performance. The major improvement came from the most recent game update from Firaxis. other things i did was disable VSync and Frame Smoothing. that tremendously helped. now i'm getting 175 to 190 fps upper limits. But, the flckering and judder and poor bottom line fps still lingers. overclocking doesnt fix it either. so next i moved the entire game content from HDD to SSD ...now the micro stutters are gone. most of the flicker is gone too. bottom line fps has somewhat improved a tiny bit.


                                                      next issue ...random screen glitches and game crashes:

                                                      I read from somewhere that the unreal engine 4 does not play nice with HUD stuff. I had to disable AMD Raptor totally, removed my Razor synapse  statistics tracking (Windows event log shows that these were causing dramas in the background). Also uninstalled AVG which i was using. the constant popup adds was giving me grief with gaming in general. PS. I ran the game with all sorts of logging of GPU / CPU temps/ vram temps/ clocks and power draw graphs/ not to mention glossing over Windows Events logs for a whole week just to understand what is happening in the background to explain the poor performance of the game on my system. Its got stuff i installed all the way from 2013 which i dont even remember anymore but the could have been causing issues. E.G i was still getting errors raised on my event log for AODDrive4.3 which is the old AMD Overdrive even after upgrading to 16.3 so i ended up house cleaning my windows registry too.


                                                      Now the game runs butter smooth with maximum settings on 2560 x 1440 for me; except for judder which is something the game devs have to fix in the next patch.


                                                      I'm looking forward to the Division; mainly for the eye-candy. But i hear that it is a very demanding game when it comes to visuals.

                                                      I'll post some thing here once ive tried Division on my pc. heres hoping its smooth sailing for me.

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                                                          Judder will take a long time to be fixed because it comes from hardware/software issues with using multiple GPUs (crossfire/sli). The only way to somewhat fix it is via the RadeonPro option Flip Queue Size, but that brings in issues of its own. Basically, be prepared to have major, game breaking issues with crossfire for 80 percent of the games that actually support it, and not too many games actually support it to begin with. You're better off just buying a single, powerful card (which you can afford if you have 3 r290x) since you're only running at 2560x1440, a lot of powerful cards will be overkill at that resolution (unless you have a 90hz+ monitor and you want to run at framerates that high, which honestly isn't useful unless you're playing a pvp centric game in a high tier)


                                                          Trust me, you're lucky with XCOM2 with only having judder. Just try to play all the other games out there and you'll see why crossfire/sli should be fixed or completely unsupported.

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                                                      I'm telling you - sell your AMD stuff on eBay and go buy a Nvidia 980ti.


                                                      I made the switch and it's been a dream - every game works with no problems.  I get better frame rates than I did with the 295x2.  I don't have to deal with Crossfire!!  The thing just works and it's awesome.

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                                                          If that is your "fix" then why are you here commenting? If you are not providing or asking for any help then you are a troll. Go back under your bridge Nvidia troll and stay there until your mommy calls you upstairs for dinner. Where are the moderators? Someone show kilgoran the door.

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                                                              I mean he's partially right. I myself bought a 980ti and am using that instead of the 2 R9 290s I had, but simply buying any single powerful card will be everyone's best bet because the problem with crossfire/sli isn't going away any time soon. The fact that AMD took away the option to force crossfire in games is pretty damning evidence that the issue is going to only get worse before it gets better (if it ever does)

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                                                                No trolling here.  The reason I'm still subscribed to this board is to see if anyone actually finds a fix.


                                                                I see all the people here working extremely hard trying to find fixes for AMD's crappy drivers and it hurts to see it.  I spent months trying to get the 295x2 to become solid and I finally gave up.  I'm just sharing my experience with others who might be at their wits end hoping to find a cure.


                                                                I'm not an Nvidia fan boy I'm just sharing that that 980ti works better than the 295x2.  That's all.  The whole reason I went with the 295x2 is because it outscored the 980 and 980ti on benchmarks.  Unfortunately, that's all it does.  The stability in games is horrifying and when it does work you don't gain much in fps (maybe 5 max on games like Dirt that fully utilize it).


                                                                My sharing of the 980ti is not to troll, it's to just give people light at the end of the tunnel if they can't get the 295x2 where they want it.  I happened to buy my 295x2 for $700 and solid it for $600 on eBay.


                                                                For those who are still patient and brave and still want the 295x2, more power to you!

                                                                For those who are upset and ready to just play games, go for the 980ti.

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                                                                    Honestly sometimes i do wonder if i should have gone NVIDIA. not because of the issues mentioned here tho. IMHO i think the green team cares more about their gaming community than AMD does. for instance, you can now find in-depth guides to getting the best of your game on their web site. I cant see this anywhere on AMD's web site. I dislike NVIDIA's closed nature with game works but they are doing a better job pushing this out to developers than AMD is doing promoting their SDKs and APIs. I've used 3DFX, MATROX, AMD, NVIDIA and other makes of gpu in the past so i know each camp has their own devout users/converts. I myself am a convert of many brands lol.


                                                                    My XCOM 2 is running butter smooth now after ive tuned the hell out it. no jitter no stutter. maybe the occasional cache file corruption and needing to scan and re-download off steam again. But other than that 3x crossfire is running well now. I just wish that AMD had published some sort of guide like what NVIDIA does to make this a better experience. all of the stuff ive done is just tuning; something that a dedicated game focused customer support team could have done for us all ya know.


                                                                    Last night ive installed Division. it had some hiccups; mainly the stupid thing decided to start up full screen at 1080p and left me looking at 1/4 of the screen. i had to force windows to logoff to kill it before i could go in and reconfigure the screen settings. the first time i tried to save game, it crashed on me. froze literally. its the same experience i had with XCOM 2 saving games until Firaxis fixed the bug. Im guessing the same thing have to happen with the devs for Division too. GFX settings wise, I have tested VSR (virtual UHD resolution) with game on high as well as QHD with game on ultra settings and then anisotrophic set to 16x. no FPS issues whatsoever. I'm doing 60fps fine. CPU utilization 55% max. GPU around 80% max. which is good; but like everyone else, i too have the annoying texture flicker on any surface with light mapped onto it. AMD's latest 16.3 driver release notes already mentions this so I'm gonna give them the benefit of doubt and wait for 16.4 (hopefully soon) to fix this. I should also mention that i have Vsync and Frame Pacing, as well as FPS locked to 60 to avoid all the screen tearing. The flickers are annoying only when i m standing around doing nothing and trying to admire the beauty of the game visuals. when im busy running around shooting and trying not to die, i forget about these issues. they rent as 'in your face' as XCOM2.


                                                                    After this I'm moving onto FarCry Primal. Have yet to install and try it out.


                                                                    So, why i chose the 290x in 3x mode; when i bought them i had a few choices to chose from, 295x2, 290x, 980, titan x (or z or whatever it is). first NVIDIA; I couldn't go the green team because the consumer green cards do not have 10-bit color mode support. thats a big NO NO for me as i do a lot of photo editing of raw photos. losing that 10-bit support is a bust for me. now red team; 295x2 i read that it has some issues due to how the 2 gpus communicate with each other on the same board. it also cost a bomb over here in australia at that time of purchase; so i went the 290x route; and since i was going crossfire anyway i figured what the heck ....why not 3 cards instead to 2? ( I wasn't crazy enuf to go 4 cards). for work, i do currently use a quadro 4K series and they are bloody nice; i just can't afford a quadro or firepro series for personal use at home sadly.


                                                                    There is a lot of noise on the internet at the moment with DX12 async shaders, Fury X Pro (or whatever the dual fury x card is called), and up coming cards from nvidia too. throw VR into the mix. isn't this fun? I don't have a need (i think) to upgrade GPU anytime soon, but when I do, i'll be looking at something with 8gb VRAM per GPU, strong OpenCL compute, 10-bit color mode support, UHD with 60fps at high settings on games. anyway, I hope others here will find improved luck with their setups with upcoming driver updates. I still have a little bit of faith left in AMD tho it is fading somewhat. So lets see how things go.

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                                                                        Have you guys tried to reset your BIOS back to default? As I posted earlier that is what fixed mine and now Crossfire works like a dream. They changed in 16.3.1 how it is enabled, now you have to go into the game profile to turn Crossfire on and off. To make it harder to deal with none of my games from Steam will import even on a manual scan. You have to add them yourself and when you do you will find that Crossfire is enabled by default. There is no more Global setting for Crossfire it is all done in each games profile.

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                                                                            I thought this was normal




                                                                            I've just been creating a profile for every game I want Crossfire in, just assumed, for power saving sakes and for everyday use, CF would be disabled by default.

                                                                            Went in saw no option, but luckly saw it in the already there, 3DMark profile,so put 2 and 2 together and....are people really flipping tables over this?


                                                                            Right now My issue is I cant seem to get CF going with DX12 enabled in Rise of the tomb raider. CF works when DX11 (DX12 is OFF, if that is dx11).

                                                                            Win10 Pro x64

                                                                            2x R9 390


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                                                                                Crossfire in DirectX 12 apps is controlled by the application itself. If the application is coded to support Crossfire, then the option will be available in Radeon Settings.

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                                                                                    so i installed Crimson 16.3.1 tonight and I am still confused about the crossfire settings in crimson.


                                                                                    Why is it that the "Disable" crossfire option in per-game profile having no effect on disabling crossfire for the game? it seems pointless to have this option that does nothing when I am still forced to go into Additional Settings (old CCC looking interface) just to disable crossfire from there. it is just a very bad design that not only confuses the heck out of ppl but serves to waste time and infuriate users when they are given settings that don't work. similarly, with crossfire disabled from Additional Settings, there is no way to enable crossfire on a per-application basis unless you go back into this old clunky interface just to re-enable crossfire again.


                                                                                    I installed Division tonight. and they game is just unplayable with crossfire enabled. the constant flickering of textures is giving me a migraine just looking at it. im surprised no one has suffered from an epilepsy with this game yet. I thought that something big like this would have received super duper support from day 1. sadly ive gotta park this game aside until it gets fixed for crossfire. I simply refuse to play it otherwise. hopefully AMD will release a driver update to address this pretty damn soon.


                                                                                    AMD overdrive, till this day I am puzzled to see why users still need to resort to 3rd party apps like Trixx and Afterburner just to tweak stuff like VDDC settings. Why can't this option be supported straight from AMD Overdrive itself? options like syncing clocks across all GPU for multi GPU setups, VDDC settings, Disable/Enable ULPS should all be part of Overdrive imho. right now, even trying to save a custom per-application overdrive profile is a pain in the a###. you literally have to change the clock to something else just to get the Save button to pop up.


                                                                                    Im sure AMD has all the good intentions when they released Crimson, and it holds a lot of potential to being a great value adding tool for users, but as it is right now, it just feels halve baked to me. sigh.

                                                                                      • Re: Crossfire STILL not working with latest 16.1.1

                                                                                        have read all of  the above and installed yesterday (Steam install)TR2 ( as it is called by new AMD driver's  profile vs 16.3.1

                                                                                        I fully uninstalled the older driver 16.3 with registered Revo uninstall pro, which always shows how much is left behind  an all levels (registry and so on) after the official uninstall, which then can be chosen to delete after the uninstall.of previous  16.3


                                                                                        Game installed with newest  patch, which  includes   a benchmark in the menu.



                                                                                        I also choose for the CF logo option in the crimson driver menu to really know  if one or 2 cards are working

                                                                                        Here are the result of the benchmark with 2x R9-290x water cooled 1100 mhz core clock power limit +50% for both cards. temps dont go over 45 degrees C.


                                                                                        DX11 on;  DX12 ON( in game option)  single card result but CF is on in Crimson tombraider profile

                                                                                        Crimson profile default CF logo  did not appear  which was to be expected

                                                                                        M.peak average      74,74           MIN 22

                                                                                        Syria                       55,61           MIN  8.04

                                                                                        C.Valley                   53,47          MIN 10.22  Overall   61,27  perfect rendering, negligible stuttering


                                                                                        DX11 on; DX12 OFF  CF  results CF logo appeared in game;                                 second try

                                                                                        M.peak average      97,46            MIN 15,88                                                                 94,95    MIN 14

                                                                                        Syria                       69,81             MIN  3.73                                                                  67,44   MIN 6

                                                                                        C.Valley                   46,10            MIN 4.69 Overall    71,11 lot of stuttering                 55,02    MIN 4.4 Overall 72.4   lot of stuttering


                                                                                        my conclusion?  game developer sucks, it neglects AMD CF in DX 12 and activates only one card. Works fine obviously with NVidia


                                                                                        CF does not work in game. average only 10 fps more with the terrible price of lower fps in difficult scenes and relatively more   stuttering in game.


                                                                                          • Re: Crossfire STILL not working with latest 16.1.1

                                                                                            As you have correctly deduced, Crossfire support under DirectX 12 has to be enabled at the application level first.

                                                                                              • Re: Crossfire STILL not working with latest 16.1.1

                                                                                                hi Ray


                                                                                                I tried two ways

                                                                                                enabled before launching the game TR2,  the CF option in the Crimson game profile of TR2, then launched the game from within Crimson and enabled DX12 result: , CF is not activated in the game and teh CF logo in game does not appear


                                                                                                The other way is, I launched the game first in menu, and activated DX 12.

                                                                                                then went back to ( game in background) to game profile of crimson and saw CF enabled but to make sure , manually enanbled CF TR2 profile again.

                                                                                                launched the benchmark and see single card working.


                                                                                                So no way i can enable CF in TR2 when DX12 option of TR2 is activated

                                                                                                  • Re: Crossfire STILL not working with latest 16.1.1

                                                                                                    That is because TR2 has NOT yet enabled multi GPU support in their DX12 version as yet.

                                                                                                      • Re: Crossfire STILL not working with latest 16.1.1

                                                                                                        Ah I see now what you mean.English is my 2nd language an I misinterpreted your post


                                                                                                        • Re: Crossfire STILL not working with latest 16.1.1

                                                                                                          Thanks for clearing that up.

                                                                                                          I believe the DX12 in ROTTR is just the fake-DX12 Nvidia is patching "their" games with. this is shady because for some odd reason its breaking DX12 for AMD cards. Look at the one for Gear of War Ultimate Edition, it runs horribly on AMD cards versus Nvidia.


                                                                                                          I cannot CF with DX12 enabled, as soon as I turn it off, my CF turns on, and I'm not really noticing any stuttering like other people are experiencing.

                                                                                                          2x R9 390s

                                                                                                          (GPU1 Club3D, GPU2 Gigabyte G1)

                                                                                                            • Re: Crossfire STILL not working with latest 16.1.1

                                                                                                              can you give us yr bench mark result especially the C. Valley at 1080p?

                                                                                                              and texture and hair  on max quality and so on ?

                                                                                                                • Re: Crossfire STILL not working with latest 16.1.1




                                                                                                                  I dont know what you mean by Texture and hair on max, are you talking about ROTTR?

                                                                                                                  I really do believe this game is broken when playing on AMD cards and DX12 is enabled. definitely falling under the same bs Nvidia pulled with Gears of War ultimate edition.

                                                                                                                  Also should note if you look back on history of graphics, you can see why the last(still current) gen of DX11 games work better on Nvidia cards versus AMD, I'm not a fanboy, this is my first gen with an AMD/ATI card since the Radeon 9600pro I had wayyy back when.

                                                                                                                  Heres Dx11, everything maxed. I do NOT play like this, SMAA 4x is unnecessary, I usually play on SMAA 1x


                                                                                                                  DX12, unplayable...only because the fps is too low for my liking, I dont really notice anything different quality wise, going from Dx11 to Dx12, with GPU temps you can clearly tell CF is off. tried everything, does not turn on with DX12 enabled.


                                                                                                                  And this is how I play. really great fps. I really dont notice anything going from SMAA4x to SMAA. and Vignette blur, is just the darkened corners(hate this effect) and Motion Blur...annoying in games.

                                                                                                                  Vsync is off for Benchmarks. when at double buffered, I dont notice any difference in fps, just smoother than what I saw running bench, I just dont like my cards to render more frames than my 60Hz monitor can handle + it just generates unnecessary heat rendering those frames I never see. Also, I do not ever see these Min.FPS. I think thats because I was closing game, changing settings, and then re-running benchmark. could also be because I have  5 windows of Chrome running...and 201 tabs...still...great fps under these conditions and awesomely playable. win.


                                                                                                                    • Re: Crossfire STILL not working with latest 16.1.1



                                                                                                                      You have comparable  rottr  benchmark as my pair of 290x, not really better, especially with one card, which I did not expect. I can play with  dx12  one card with no problem and my benchmark average is between 54 and 62 fps with dx 12, highly playable. I do get higher average and do get hick ups and occasional stutter ( too much) with two cards strange enough. The lowest fps i with one card is much better than in CF and in practice I do not not notice them with one card.


                                                                                                                      Still your dx12 overall of only  24,83 is at least 100%* too low, it should be above 50.Why does this happen?

                                                                                                                      * I must say my figures are with 1920x1200 resolution. I suppose you play with higher ones?

                                                                                        • Re: Crossfire STILL not working with latest 16.1.1

                                                                                          The issues I am having is, back when Windows 10 did an update and around the 15.XXX drivers came out, I lost the ability for crossfire in all games.

                                                                                          I have crossfire working on my desktop (I can see that the light is out on the bottom card and that the crossfire mode is on according to the AMD control panel). But when I run any game (Xcom2, Battlefield 4, Diablo 3, Marvel 2016, Everquest 2), I can see the light on the other video card click back on and there goes having crossfire working. My FPS according to FRAPS in BF4 is only 60 to 80; when I was getting 120+ with crossfire. I am still so pissed off, it is not even funny.

                                                                                          I built this computer to play BF4 in 2k and now I have to drop to 1080p to get 60 to 80 fps. Just too laggy and jerky at 2k at 40 to 60 fps.


                                                                                          I have wrote AMD several times and I have never got an answer or reply, nor has any Windows 10 update fixed this issue. This has been the biggest disappointment since I got these cards and the first time I have ever done a dual card system. I am running two XFX AMD 290's Double Dissipation editions; no extra turbo, over clock or tampering have I done to these cards, stock cards with stock speeds. Worked fine in Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 up till a patch for Windows came out and 15.XXX drivers came out. No patch/driver as of yet has fixed this.


                                                                                          I have yet to find one discussion on the internet stating the same problem I am having; so this makes me really ticked off. I am special I guess.

                                                                                          Does anyone have a solution to this?

                                                                                          • Re: Crossfire STILL not working with latest 16.1.1

                                                                                            Hey there...


                                                                                            It looks like you guys aren't getting a lot of help.  I don't know if I can be of much use, but since I have experience in software development I can at least try.

                                                                                            I took some time to read through (some of) beaird's links.  I may be wrong, but this might have something to do with the fact that 32-bit programs require that devices be memory mapped below the 4GB mark.  In other words, to retain 32-bit compatibility, the card has to be mapped below 4GB.  Beaird's BIOS allows him to control that.  Mine doesn't, but I can confirm that Crossfire does work with a Powercolor Devil 13 R390X2 on a ASRock 990FX Extreme9, though it sometimes requires messing with the settings.


                                                                                            I'm going to ask a couple of stupid questions to try to get us somewhere.  First off, are the games in question 64-bit executables or 32-bit?  Second - and I know this will be painfully slow, it's just for testing - has anyone tried dropping down to 4 GB of RAM and then trying Crossfire?

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                                                                                                Hey Mr. Dorf,


                                                                                                How do i tell if they are 32 or 64 bit and then, how do i tie my memory together and limit it to 4GB?

                                                                                                I have Windows 10 64 bit OS and running BF4 and BF1, Diablo 3 , Marvel 2016.

                                                                                                All these games are screwing me when I got into the game, crossfire clicks off and clicks back on when going back to the desktop.


                                                                                                Scott Dahlberg

                                                                                                  • Re: Crossfire STILL not working with latest 16.1.1

                                                                                                    If the games are 32-bit, they'll typically be in "C:\Program Files (x86)", while 64-bit programs are usually installed in "c:\Program Files".  If you want to be sure, you can start Task Manager after the game has started and it will say "32-bit" next to the app.


                                                                                                    To drop down to 4 GB, you'll need to remove memory chips from the system.  This is only temporary to see if we can force the second card to be mapped below the 4GB boundary.  Obviously, this won't be possible if you have chips that are larger than 4 GB a piece.  How much memory do you have?

                                                                                                • Re: Crossfire STILL not working with latest 16.1.1

                                                                                                  Hello people,


                                                                                                  Im using a HD 5970 for many years now. It worked pretty well until they released 15.7

                                                                                                  The latest crossfire driver that worked for me was on CCC 13.12.


                                                                                                  After that i have to same issues like the most people here. Crossfire is just now shown

                                                                                                  anywhere! But in the devices manager both gpu's are startet correctly.


                                                                                                  • I already tried to reinstall different drivers, with different ways of uninstalling them.
                                                                                                  • I tried to turn each gpu off/on in device manager and reboot then with only 1 activatet
                                                                                                  • I tried Windows 7, Windows 8.1 & Windows 10
                                                                                                  • I tried all drivers between 13.12 & 16.9.2
                                                                                                  • I tried to switch of ULPS in Regedit (in all 3 Os's)
                                                                                                  • I tried to look into my MB Bios for 4GB Setting
                                                                                                  • I have all NetFramework & VC Stuff installed 64 & 32bit
                                                                                                  • I wrote a post on this webside: https://community.amd.com/thread/203337
                                                                                                  • ********** -> I bought a new motherboard!!!


                                                                                                  But its still not working after all. There is no Crossfire in Crimsone under gaming

                                                                                                  and no crossfire in the old ccc under display as well. Its so anoing, i cant even throughput

                                                                                                  my second GPU to a virtual machine anymore -.-


                                                                                                  Please people help me out. Is there now way to force crossfire by memory editing crimson or something?!

                                                                                                    • Re: Crossfire STILL not working with latest 16.1.1

                                                                                                      - Update to Dual-GPU 5970 -


                                                                                                      I have tried 2 CPUs, 3 Mainboards & 5 operating systems now.

                                                                                                      - AMD Phenom II 965

                                                                                                      - Intel I3-6100


                                                                                                      - AsRock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming.-ITX/ac
                                                                                                      - AsRock 980DE3/U3S3
                                                                                                      - Asus M5A 78L-M USB3


                                                                                                      Ubuntu 14 <- WORKS
                                                                                                      Ubuntu 16 <- DOESNT WORK

                                                                                                      Windows 7 <- WORKS UNTIL 13.12

                                                                                                      Windows 8 <- WORKS UNTIL 13.12

                                                                                                      Windows 8.1 <- WORKS UNTIL 13.12

                                                                                                      Windows 10 <- WORKS UNTIL 13.12


                                                                                                      14.4 came out ~ April 2014

                                                                                                      HD 5970 came out ~ April 2009


                                                                                                      The support time for the cards is 5 years? For me it seems like some kind of fraud/cheating here.
                                                                                                      You guys ruined it and you didnt cared about your customers happiness all the time. So after many

                                                                                                      months of frustration about dual gpus not working, i have decided to lets everyone here know what i

                                                                                                      think about this situation.
                                                                                                      I so i wont buy the AMD 480X or 580X CF for my lab rig, ill simply go for Nvidia GTX 1080 SLI. Just

                                                                                                      two weeks ago i bought i3-6100 instead of your Ryzen and i will never ever buy AMD stuff again.
                                                                                                      Thanks AMD, i never bought Intel or Nvidia before because i loved your stuff in the old days.But you people

                                                                                                      made me so mad. So i have to change over...