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Crossfire STILL not working with latest 16.1.1

Question asked by siggurd on Feb 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2017 by goodplay

I am still having issues with crossfire working for both of my graphics cards (XFX R9 290 Black OC edition cards). Win 10 64


I have used the removal tool for AMD drivers, reinstalled the graphics drivers, no dice, removal tool again, installed the latest beta catalyst drivers, still no dice. Installed 16.1 after the last crimson driver  ... still no dice.Installed a fresh install of 16.1.1, no dice. Rise of the Tomb Raider, Rainbow 6, FFXIV Direct X 11, no crossfire ... it can't be just because I am using Eyefinity either.


Here are my issues:


  1. Crossfire is nowhere to be found, other than changing it specifically in a game profile (which does absolutely nothing), there is no global settings for always enabled or not in EVERY version of Crimson. Why not release 2 drivers, one vanilla driver for people who are used to just clicking a button and playing a game, and release a second version of the driver for advanced users who are more familiar with having to tweak their graphics settings to get any AMD product to actually perform.
  2. New "profiles" that have came out, for instance for the new game Rise of the Tomb Raider that I just wasted $ on (like my 2 graphics cards apparently) are touted as having crossfire profiles setup.
  3. I cannot go into Advanced setup of any kind through the crimson drivers, even after completely removing the drivers using the removal tool ... when I click on "Try Advanced Setup" from either the Display tab, or by going to preferences and "Radeon Additional Settings", I am brought to a screen that shows me the latest software version .... Right clicking on my desktop does not give me any Radeon options, I can only access the Crimson Radeon Settings by using the arrow in the lower right of my desktop.


          This means that I cannot go in and manually edit my eyefinity settings, as when I click on Eyefinity tab in Crimson, all I am left to select is 'Discard'.


     4. If AMD is not ever going to fully support and work out all of the bugs with Crossfire and efficiently running games on the hardware they come out with, why did I ever waste my money on cards that have                been under-performing since day 1?


Really, this is getting to be such a sore subject to me, I am about ready to just count my lost $, sell the 2 cards on eBay to some poor soul and go with NVidia.