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AMD R9 290 Crossfire, computer freeze while playing since Crimson

Question asked by grimblee on Feb 3, 2016
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I have an issue with my computer and while I'm not too sure about when it started it feels like it was more or less at the same time as the Crimson update.


While playing a game (any game) my computer tend to freeze randomly. That is, my screen just freeze and  I can't do anything beside reboot (with a beautiful freezed sound too, kinda hurt my hears every time).


I tried reinstalling my drivers without any improvement, I also totally re-installed windows, no luck there either.


There's also something else that started happening recently (more recently than the freezing thing) and on one specific game (then again I didn't play much other game lately).


That is EVE online, sometimes, my screen becomes black and then come back, with a notification saying that my AMD driver crashed.


So there it is, since the end of 2015 I started having crash and such all the time while playing games and I have to admit I'm getting annoyed (really).


This evening I'll try a GPU OCCT to test my graphics cards and post results.


Thanks for your help,