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    7670M + Windows 10 issues!!


      I have a hp laptop with 7670M + intel hd 4000 I’ve been in win 8.1 and I was able to play many games such as bf3, MoH, NFS rivel.. with an accepted FPS 40 +...and now when I upgraded to win 10 ( clean install) and after install the latest driver for my legacy card all my games became unplayable (fps 20-25) also I’ve done a lot of benchmark I notice a huge performance drop compered to windows 8.1... also my i7 3612QM  became week ( is true that my cpu temperature became so good on win 10 max core temp 85° compered to win 8.1 that reach to 98° on 64 multiplayer map bf3 ...) but also this has a very bad impact on FPS... so what is the problem is my hardware is not compatible with win 10? or everyone has these problem?

      Please answers me!!  I don’t want to roll back to win 8.1 again.


      i found this in 


      My current graphics adapter supports DirectX® 11; will I see performance drop if I make the switch to Windows® 10?


      Performance should not be affected since DirectX® 11 is supported by Windows® 10