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MSI R9 380 4g, Laggy picture, with normal FPS.

Question asked by achill on Feb 3, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2016 by achill

Hello, I upgraded my PC recently.


But I have some video issue that I cant handle by myself.

When I play video games I have normal or great FPS like 50-70, but still picture get micro laggs every 1-1.5 sec. It hard to see first time, but it's very uncomfortable to play like this more than few minutes.

I get few video to demostrate this lagg below:


Video test 1,

Please, turn off the sound in first video, my noisy microphone...


Video test 2


Video test 4


Ingame test, RUST



My PC spec:

Mainboard: MSI z170

CPU: Intel Core i5 6500

GPU MSI Radeon R9 380 gaming 4g

RAM: Goodram ddr4 play GY2400D464L15/16GDC ( 8x2)

SSD: Samsung 850Evo 500gb

Power unit: Prologix Standart series PSS-500W.



GPU powered by 1 cable( 6 pin + 6pin(6+2) )  maybe lack of power supply on this cable cause the problem?

All the drivers installed is latest, radeon 16.1, OS Windows 10.

I have such lagg in every game. In Fallout 4 I found bad solution for just one game, Utillity named HiAlgoBOOST, It use some inject ingame, and looks like it stop lagg. But this works not for all games.