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    MSI R9 380 4g, Laggy picture, with normal FPS.


      Hello, I upgraded my PC recently.


      But I have some video issue that I cant handle by myself.

      When I play video games I have normal or great FPS like 50-70, but still picture get micro laggs every 1-1.5 sec. It hard to see first time, but it's very uncomfortable to play like this more than few minutes.

      I get few video to demostrate this lagg below:


      Video test 1,


      Please, turn off the sound in first video, my noisy microphone...


      Video test 2



      Video test 4



      Ingame test, RUST




      My PC spec:

      Mainboard: MSI z170

      CPU: Intel Core i5 6500

      GPU MSI Radeon R9 380 gaming 4g

      RAM: Goodram ddr4 play GY2400D464L15/16GDC ( 8x2)

      SSD: Samsung 850Evo 500gb

      Power unit: Prologix Standart series PSS-500W.



      GPU powered by 1 cable( 6 pin + 6pin(6+2) )  maybe lack of power supply on this cable cause the problem?

      All the drivers installed is latest, radeon 16.1, OS Windows 10.

      I have such lagg in every game. In Fallout 4 I found bad solution for just one game, Utillity named HiAlgoBOOST, It use some inject ingame, and looks like it stop lagg. But this works not for all games.

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          I pretty much had the same issue with the new crimson drivers 16.1 and 16.1.1 ..... The 15.11.1 drivers seem to fix this problem on my R9 380 4GB.


          Usually in games like Fallout 4 when you go near walls its stutters badly in my case and other noticeable games like Witcher 3 etc.


          I downloaded GPU TWEAK II and clicked Professional mode and up in the left hand corner is an Always 3D Clock button. I clicked that so my speeds can never downclock and it seems to have fixed this issue with crimson drivers.


          Maybe give that a go a see if that works?

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            If dicey's suggestion to either rollback the driver or using that app works it might be worthwhile to send in a report.


            First off, yes it could be  your PSU, it just barely meets the requirements and if it's cheap then replace it no matter whether it's the problem or not.

            Second, I see you're using Afterburner? Can you post a screenshot of  gpu core clock/memory clock/fps/memory usage/gpu usage and gpu temp while running around in a game?

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