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Random Driver Crashes

Question asked by thrashard9 on Feb 2, 2016
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     I recently built myself a new PC, with a Club 3D Radeon R9 380 4gb. I went to AMD's website to install drivers, the Automatic Detector thing said it found drivers and I clicked install, but I never found drivers in any folders. My second guess was to try and download Crimson, that didn't work. It gave me a "no installable components" error. My GPU wasn't even recognized in my system. Finally I used the disc provided in my GPU box. It did it's setup thing, and installed Catalyst, and I also downloaded a display driver ( to be exact) and that went well. Now my card showed up as an R9 380 in my device manager. Except my PC has now crashed a few times, saying there was problems with my video hardware. I have no idea how to install Crimson to upgrade from Catalyst, so I'm asking here for help. The Crimson setup folder and Autodetect are in my Recycle bin right now, I'm guessing I'll have to restore the Crimson setup? I'm really sorry if anything I've done is idiot mistakes or something. I'm used to nVidia. Any help is appreciated