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Setup advice for 3D-Stereo-Rendering on 3 Walls with 6 projectors needed

Question asked by benne333 on Feb 3, 2016



we're running a simple CAVE (or to be more precise a 3 wall projection) at our university. At the moment rendering is done distributed with one master and 3 slaves. Each of the slaves has two GPU's, each of them sending the signal to one projector. Rendering is done with passive stereo, geometry is synchronized by our application and also projection matrices and so on is calculated in our application.

The application uses Qt 5 for windowing and OpenGL (4.1) for rendering.

We are now planning to skip sychronizing over the network, because it leads to complex code which is difficult to understand for undergraduate students. So, we need to configure one machine, probably with 3 GPU's, each of them rendering on two projectors (quad buffering).

Does anyone have an advice which GPUs we should buy?

- Need to do quad buffering (which is already done by better Radeons, right?)

- Need to have several OpenGL contexts, hopefully possible with Qt and some AMD extensions?

- Need to be fast enough (as always :-))

- Don't need to use driver features for splitting to the GPU's (we have to calculate different proj. matrices for each wall anyway, so we can split in the application for ourselves)

- Do we need the driver to synchronize (not sure)


I assume that we will be safe with FirePro, but is it necessary.