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AMD microstutter, fps loss, Crimson

Question asked by demadoge on Feb 2, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2016 by wstr

Hello again, and indeed, the word "again" is at its place. I have an AMD R9 380 with 4GB VRAM.


I filled in 2 tickets until now. Today, I will fill in another one. The 16.1.1 driver has te same issues as every single Crimson-driver had up to this point. I'm talking about lower general fps, noticable microstutter and of course the infamous Fallout 4 bug where the game falls from a constant 60 fps to a constant 30 fps in a matter of microseconds, all the time. Simply unplayable.


So there you go, once again, I will fill in a ticket with the same exact bugs. Things I already send in 3 months ago. Things I send in when the first version of Crimson came out. I can't imagine how AMD neglects the brand new R9 series so quickly, but clearly they are. Shame on you. This will indeed be the last time I buy an AMD card.