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    Freese videocard


      Acquired card Asus R9 380 OC 2Gb, to replace the Asus R9 270. The new card is why - the frieze. FPS assume 60 shows , but where - it slows down for a split second , and it turns out is not pleasant (especially in shooters ) . Friesen in all the games I tested , namely : Battlefield 4 , GTA V, ARMA III. In FurMarke shows a temperature of 72 degrees. (Sorry my English).

      CPU: i5 - 2500k


      Mother Board: AsRock z68 pro3 gen3

      RAM: Corsair XMS 1600MhZ 4Gb (x2)

      HDD: 1Tb Seagate 7200 Barracuda 7200.12 Cache 64Mb

      Power Supply: Chieftec 650W