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FX8350 stock clock/VID/cooler, overheating

Question asked by turmelus on Feb 1, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2016 by techguy

Greetings fellow AMD users,


I got myself an AMD FX8350 Black ED (Vishera) slightly more than two year ago, and it has been running since then with the stock cooler (which is, to put it bluntly, noisier than a jet fighter and not very effective)


First, let me give you a link toward my DXDIAG so you can have a quick overview of my system : Dropbox - DxDiag.txt

If I recall right, my mobo is an AsRock 970x extreme 4, and I remember that I downloaded a new bios version when I installed the CPU


The problem is, I keep reading everywhere that if my core temperature go over 70° for a prolonged period, my CPU is toast, and that recomended running temp is between 62 & 65°c, while my CPU is ALWAYS at 68° under load (core temp given by Coretemp, Speedfan and Hwmonitor), and can go higher (like right now it's at 70°c coretemp while running Kerbal Space Program + Firefox + Coretemp, it even maxed at 75°c for a little while)


In the BIOS, it says temp is 78°c !!!!!


I'm guessing that is not normal running temp, right ?


Precision : I'm living under a tropical climat, norm are 30°c 365/365days, and 80%+ humidity, so while I can't have the air conditionner all day long, I have it at night, and I have a standing fan blowing air directly in the case (I tried running the CPU when the case is closed with stock ventilation, but no way i'm doing this again, temps went off chart I thought I was going to toast my CPU right after buying it.)

Temperatures givens were taken with air conditionner set at 22°c and the standing fan doing the air flow.