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ati radeon 4300/4500 series open gl 1.1 why...?

Question asked by umairshabbir on Feb 2, 2016
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as you can see i have installed new graphic card drivers

one more thing

when my pc had no graphic card (i.e:-before installing new graphic card)

my pc showed open gl1.1 and oopen cl none

now when i had installed graphic card it again shows same open gl1.1

but also open cl 1.2

i dont know why its hapening

could any body help me

this shows that open gl 1.1

my graphic drivers are up to date

inspite of it  it is not showing open gl2.1 (which is supported in this series of graphic cards)

i am using

core 2due

hp cpu


i want to run Ch,Ps on it

but till now i am not able to do it due to not open gl2.1or or other

helppp me