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Issues since installing Catalyst drivers - ALL games crashing (R9 285)

Question asked by famousrob on Feb 1, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2016 by famousrob

Hi all,


I spoke to someone at AMD care who said I should post this here!


My setup: Win 8.1, Pentium Anniversary Edition @ 3.2-4.2 ghz, ASRock Pentium Anniv Mobo, Sapphire R9 285 2gb, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, TV as Monitor running at 1080p.


My PC and graphics card have been working flawlessly for about a year on a range of games.

I bought Fallout 4, and experienced the occasional crash, so I updated to the latest Catalyst drivers at the time (I think 15.11) - and installed the Gaming Advanced (Raptr) software.


Ever since then, Fallout has been crashing constantly. It seemed like it was getting worse and worse until it would run for about a minute at best. Sometimes it wouldn't even boot at all, and when it did, it would sometimes crash the entire machine. When it went back to Windows it would usually say 'AMD driver crashed but has recovered'.


I tried the latest Catalyst Beta, which has made no difference.

I then tried the latest Fallout 4 Beta, which made no difference.


In addition, Steam games which worked flawlessly for 12 months, were now crashing too: Borderlands 2, Grid Autosport.


I then uninstalled Advanced Gaming (Raptr) software, which DID make a difference. Not stopping crashing, but reducing the frequency, allowing me to play Fallout for about 20 minutes before crashing, and Grid for about 30 mins (whereas with Raptr installed but not even running, it crashed after 2 mins)


Finally I tried playing some non Steam games to see how they were affected now things had improved slightly.

I played NFS Rivals for about 30 mins with no crash.

I then played Battlefield 4 for about 90 mins, running perfectly (Ultra @ 1080p) until it crashed - sending the whole system to black and requiring me to clear CMOS/BIOS before I could get my PC working again, which was 10 mins ago...




If anyone can help me it would be much much appreciated. I have never had any other problems with this PC before.

I expect trying to reinstall the older drivers might be a good first step now, but all advice welcomed.