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    Rise of Tomb Raider - Exclusive Fullscreen Issue


      I'm having an issue running Crossfire (Tri-Fire) with this game when running exclusive fullscreen. Here are images of what I'm running into:


      Exclusive Fullscreen Disabled:


      Exclusive Fullscreen Enabled:


      Here are the specs I'm running:


      • Intel 3930K oc'd to 4.6 @1.445V (Intel speedstep enabled)
      • Sapphire R295x2 / Sapphire R290X Vapor X (In Tri-fire) - stock clocks & mem
      • 16.1.1 Hotfix Drivers
      • Eyefinity @ 5760 x 1188 (3 24" LCD's native 1900 x 1200)
      • 16 GB DDR3 (1866)
      • Corsair AXi 1200W PSU
      • Win 10 (Clean install as of 1/21/16)

      All temps are good (Never get above 73C) & no driver fails etc. Just seems to be when I enable this feature at any resolution (even tried going down to one monitor) this happens. Tried turning off/on all setting & lowering all setting that have low to very high options. Nothing works other than turning off exclusive fullscreen. But when I do so I lose Crossfire/Trifire in-game.


      No other games I play (DCS World, Dragon Age Inquisition, Witcher 3) experience this issue. Anyone have any suggestions what could be causing this?


      Willing to provide more specs etc if someone can help here.

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          Please try the following.


          Add Tomb Raider to Radeon Settings. Select the Tomb Raider profile and set CrossFire to disabled.


          Apply your typical TriFire settings to Tomb Raider, full screen etc. Play the game and verify it is working as intended.


          Quit the game and re-enable TriFire via the Tomb Raider Radeon Settings profile. Now try to play the game again, has that resolved the issue?


          If the issue persists, please try the same routine with only two cards running in regular CrossFire.

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              I am having the same issue and the guy above me doesn't really help the situation.



              My setup is completely watercooled and I am not going to dismantle it just to run my 295x2 by itself. It is very inconsiderate and ridiculous.


              Please fix this issue, THIS is how you lose customers.

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                  You can run the game in Fullscreen mode or Windowed mode which will disable CrossFire. Exclusive fullscreen mode is required to enable CrossFire. Alternatively, you can add the Tomb Raider application to Radeon Settings and select AMD CrossFire X Mode to disabled.

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                      No Matt you are incorrect, by disabling crossfire my 295x2 will not act in sync with both GPU's and will run ONLY 1 GPU @ 300Mhz /1250 Mhz giving me 12 FPS in this game or any game.



                      Disabling crossfire on a dual GPU card is the most ridiculous thing ive read today. I also have stated that I have the same settings as cjsolo.


                      R9 295x2

                      R9 290x Vapor-X


                      Totalling 3 GPU's


                      There isnt even an option within the CCC  / Crimson to run JUST the r9 295x2 in crossfire and temporarily disable my R9 Vapor-X without removing the card from my PCI-E.


                      This seriously ridiculous.

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                          If there is an issue with running the game in fullscreen mode then i would recommend trying Borderless or Windowed mode. This will disable CrossFire and may enable the game to be played without the issue mentioned in the OP occurring. You may have to lower some image quality settings to get acceptable performance with one only GPU core of the 295x2 running.


                          Thanks for raising the issue, we'd like to learn more about it in a report so that engineering can investigate so please raise a report here.

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                              Matt are you serious?


                              I don't know how else to explain this to you so I will try simplifying my wording.


                              R9 295x2 is a DUAL GPU card. It utilizes BOTH GPU's in order to improve rendering and performance scaling.


                              Crossfire is only utilized when your application is running in FULL SCREEN, which means


                              R9 295x2 Full Screen = Optimal FPS, BOTH GPU's Working Together @ Full Stock Clocks
                              GPU: 1 Core 1018 Mhz / Memory 1250 Mhz

                              GPU: 2 Core 1018 Mhz / Memory 1250 Mhz


                              R9 295x2 Window Mode = VERY LOW FPS, 1 GPU Working on its own with ULPS Clocks and second GPU Completely idle

                              GPU: 1 Core 300 Mhz / Memory 1250 Mhz

                              GPU: 2 Core 300 Mhz / Memory 150 Mhz


                              You mentioned "You may have to lower some image quality settings to get acceptable performance with one only GPU score of the 295x2 running"


                              This really makes me laugh considering that the r9 295x2 wont run 1 GPU on its own at full clocks as I have stated above. Lower image quality?? Lets replace the entire environment of this game with some poorly drawn images on Microsoft Paint. Them I'm sure it will be no problem for the 1 Gpu @ 300Mhz / 1250Mhz


                              I've spent hard earned money on this game and I will not have a mediocre experience.



                              Photo PROOF


                              Fullscreen : [img]http://i.imgur.com/0wYtycR.jpg[/img]


                              Window Mode: [img]http://i.imgur.com/mmbUf1p.jpg[/img]

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                                  Hey Scribblar & Matt. Sorry fellas....been offline a couple of days with work & changing computer cases. While in no way was I able to get this game to work in Trifire, I did get it to work in Crossfire finally. Here is what I did:


                                  • Went into Preferences, then Radeon Additional Settings
                                  • Went down to gaming & then AMD Crossfire
                                  • I disabled Crossfire in this area
                                  • Went back to the Gaming tab & made sure Crossfire under the ROTR profile was "Default"
                                  • Went into ROTR, made sure it was on 'Exclusive Widescreen'


                                  And now I'm able to get the 295x2 to run full out. I reduced my resolution to one screen (1920x1200) and now I'm able to play the game with 60fps (vsync on to keep tearing from happening) on High texture (not running Very High as the game crashes like mad on Very High). I can run Eyefinity with just the 295x2, but avg around 30 or so fps...which is expected with the 5760x1200 resolution.


                                  I do wish I could get that 290X Vapor X to work on this game as that might make Eyefinity possible (which is beautiful in this game) but overall I'm satisfied with reducing the resolution & getting 60fps with this game. Like I said above this is the only game I play in which I have Trifire issues. All other games utilize all 3 cores.


                                  If anything can be done to get Trifire to work in this game let me know. Thanks again for helping think through this issue.

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                                    I have to say I really feel your frustration. I spent a lot of money on my 2 AMD cards to run this game in crossfire and instead I get one dreadful driver after another. I'm not having the same issue you are, but the issue I am having means the game runs worse in XFire than on a single card.

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                                        Yeah man thanks for the reply, I don't think some of the people here truly understand the level of frustration some of us have. "Send a bug report" "Submit a ticket" or even "lower settings" those type of responses do not help at all.


                                        When you purchase flagship GPU models you expect DEDICATED tech support with them but truthfully with AMD it isn't the case.


                                        I cannot enjoy my Tri-Fire setup on games that I truly feel would make the most difference. Ultimately its what eventually leads to the decision of switching to Nvidia and using a single GPU, less headache and hassle.


                                        I literally have been with this brand since their debut, Hell their head office in Canada was 10 minutes up the street from me. The good old ATi  Days when the company was Canadian before the merge with AMD.

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                                            I have the same setup as you guys 295x2 trifire with  290x and purchased ROTTR from Steam after the AMD CF driver update and got the same results, I was able to play it until the first cave and then a yellow glow started and turned into a white screen, making the game unplayable.  I tried a dozen different things and gave up and got a refund from Steam.


                                            Then the (Nvidia) patch came out and I purchased again. Worse result, white screen right after first cut scene, refund again before 2hrs of no gameplay!!!! just wasted time!!!... I don't know who said performance on AMD was worse after the (Nvidia) patch, but there is an option in Steam to remove it by accessing the beta version of ROTTR.


                                            Also TY to cjsolo for the info on how to at least get this game working in CF without our third 290x's


                                            AND to scribbler....This is what Nvidia wants you to do.... I cringe every time I see a game that says " The way it's meant to be played" even when I had a SLI 680 setup AMD 295x2 launch $1500, Nvidea Titan who cares $3000 AMD Freesync $500.00 Nvidea Gsync $900.00