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    Dead Star Steam Early Access Code Giveaway




      Greetings my fellow Red Teamers! PAX South wrapped up yesterday and I know not everyone has the time or resources to make it to events like this, so I have a little something for those that weren't able to attend. Dead Star is a new twin-stick multiplayer space shooter that I had a blast (bad pun) playing at the convention this past weekend and I figure there are at least a couple of you out there who will enjoy it as much as I did.


      I have two codes for those of you who meet the requirements of the giveaway:


      • Your rig must be posted in the rig showcase and you must have a Radeon GPU.
      • Like Dead Star on Facebook.
      • Follow Dead Star on Twitter.
      • Tweet a photo of your rig and describe your excitement for playing DeadStar on AMD Radeon: "Stoked for @deadstargame on my @AMDRadeon!" for example.
      • Link to your tweet here in a reply to confirm your entry.


      Keep in mind that this game is designed for a twin-stick controller so you should really have one. I've found a cheap used XBox 360 controller works quite well.


      Entry will close Friday 2/5 at midnight CST. I'll pick the two winners at random and announce them Monday 2/8 or earlier. Good luck!