Fallout 4 downclocking

Discussion created by jochemr on Feb 1, 2016
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I've found a workaround using RadeonPro: (may work on other applications as well)

Quick How-To:

- Download & Install RadeonPro

- Open RadeonPro and create a new profile pointing to Fallout4.exe

- In the 'Overdrive' tab check 'Enable graphics overdrive' and 'Always use high performance clocks while gaming' (<< this one actually forces the proper clock speeds onto the GPU)

- Apply these settings

- Launch Fallout4.exe with RadeonPro running (NOT the launcher, you need to run the game executable or else this workaround won't work)


Hope this helps!


Original Post:

Hey everyone, i have an issue with my GPU clockspeeds and was hoping you could help.

So i recently got Fallout 4, started playing it on the suggested 'Ultra Quality' preset and noticed major FPS drops, especially inside. Thinking i was just asking too much from my GPU i switched to the 'High' preset. Same problem. 'Low' preset. Same problem. Started tweaking quality settings myself, a few hours later still having the same problem.

I decided to have MSI afterburner run in the background. After running around a bit in the Museum of Freedom i checked the graphs. This is what it looks like:

As you can see, the clock speeds flucutate quite a bit and almost never reach the intended (stock) 980Mhz. In fact, it won't reach 800.  (Terrible framerate drops everywhere)

"But what if I increase the load?" I thought. So i fired up AMD Gaming Evolved, enabled Game DVR, started recording and guess what, 60fps with no drops whatsoever. My clock speeds also stay at 980Mhz during gameplay:


So my question of course is: How do i fix it? I've tried increasing the power limit, frame rate target control and whatnot to no avail. I'm eager to hear your suggestions.


My System:

CPU: Intel i5-4460

Motherboard: MSI B85-G41 PC Mate

GPU: Gigabyte R9 380x @ 980mhz

RAM: 2x4gb 1600mhz G.Skill Ares

Display driver: Crimson 15.30.1025.1001

Display device: BenQ GW2270 1080p60 through DVI-D

700W PSU


Thanks in advance!

- Jochem