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Witcher 3 on X4 7970 Lightning BE

Question asked by cerisettex on Feb 1, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2016 by cerisettex

Hello guys !

My setup :

i7 3930K 5.1Ghz

16Gb RAM

X4 7970 Lightning BE 1200Mhz/1600Mhz

LEPA 1700W Platinium


Screen resolution 2560x1440


My question : I simply can't play Witcher 3 with  more than X2 7970 Lightning BE cards. I have X4 7970 Lightning BE and I would love enjoy perfect framerate with all four graphic cards, but I CANT! If I use AFR with X3 or X4 graphic cards, my game is unplayable because of HUGE flickering everywhere ( oh gosh i could get epilepsia from it lol joke). with X3 Graphic cards I got 80fps all maxed out with Nvidia hairs, X4 graphic cards give me amazing fps 90-110fps !  But I simple can't play.


Please help me ! How I can run X3 or X4 7970 Lightning BE with this game ?? I can't play 30-50fps -40average with X2 7970 Lightning on 2560x1440 its not enough for me ! Because some places It will drop down to 22-29fps and I want enjoy all my hardware....


I searched and tested if I can run with other gaming profiles such as ; Bioshock 2, The Godfather, FEAR, Witcher 2, any of these profiles dont activate 3rd and 4th graphic card.


Thanks again !