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    AMD Videocard issue


      So... im done i sent a email to AMD to complain about the lack of software updates for such an expensive card and its low low low performance in windows 10.


      personally i think that microsoft, apple and AMD are responsible but this is just plain stupid paying 300 for a card so you can play a few games on windows that mac doesnt support and it doesnt even work properly...




      my device specs are

      27-inch iMac With Retina 5K-display

      • 4,0-GHz quad-core Intel Core i7, Turbo Boost to 4,2 GHz
      • 32 GB 1867-MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 4x 8 GB
      • Fusion Drive of 3 TB
      • AMD Radeon R9 M395X with 4 GB video Ram

      complaint to AMD.png

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          drivers for Notebooks are usually done by the OEM -> please blame Apple

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            You might get a faster response if you repost this in this link The specified item was not found. , in support forums.

            I hope this is of some help, I see a lot of others with the same issue.

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              1)  Windows 10 has a ton of driver issues with GPUs right now, it's still early in the product's lifespan.  Microsoft is slowly updating and resolving these issues, but by far and away Win10 users on both AMD and Nvidia sides of the fence are having various issues.  This is a pretty brand new OS that still has a lot of hiccups to resolve, and a lot of them are GPU issues.  Win7 doesn't have near the problems because Microsoft has had the opportunity to patch and fix it for many more years.

              2)  You've conveniently left out the possibility that your motherboard may be the culprit here.  Many Win10 GPU issues have been resolved after the MoBo manufacturer provided updated chipset drivers for Win10 support.  Again, this is not AMD/NVidia centric.  This would indeed be an Apple issue.

              3)  You provide no explanation of steps you've taken to solve the problem, you're just getting on here and yelling.  Your email reads like it's being PERFORMED BY THE SMASHING PUMPKINS where everything goes soft AND THEN GETS REAL LOUD AGAIN  for no apparent reason.  This isn't professional, all caps doesn't do anything to help you.  Have you tried different drivers?  Have you checked event logs?  Have you checked directx?  Tried different browsers?  Tested with a different version of Windows?

              4)  You assume that Apple is the word of God, because they say it's AMD's fault.  Looking online I see LOTS of people with this card and Windows 10 that are happy with it.  So what's the difference between them and you?  You're running it on a Bootcamp'd MAC.  This seems to be more related to the fact it's a MAC more than anything else.  Why don't you go complain to Apple that they should make their motherboard chipset drivers play nicer with GPUs primarily designed for systems running Windows on Windows hardware?  Oh wait, Apple doesn't care about making their stuff support Windows because they have their own OS.  You have to accept that just because people have found a way to make Windows run on a Mac, doesn't mean that they've figured out how to make everything work just right with it.  LOADS of people have weird problems with hackintoshes and boot camp, you're not alone in the universe.  It's one of the things you accept when you choose to attempt something like this, there are gonna be some weird quirks.  Yes, clearly this is AMD's fault for not making drivers to make their cards work right on an OS that's running on hardware it wasn't intended for to begin with. /s  They should clearly stop what they're working on and make drivers for your niche setup, even though you've basically provided zero troubleshooting information to run with and are just blindly accepting their shoulder shrug saying "not our fault",  Get over yourself and stop screaming into the night because you're really just reaffirming the stereotype that Mac users are self entitled condescending jerks.  Why the HECK should AMD/Nvidia be forced to develop drivers for use on unconventional hardware/software combinations that weren't really designed to be interfaced together to begin with?  That's like complaining that Nintendo should offer better support for the Xbox you've modded to run linux so you can run emulators of NES games on because Ninja Gaiden only runs at like, 10FPS. 

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