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Missing crossfire option in crimson

Question asked by grayson1337 on Feb 1, 2016
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i hope you guys can help me. I recently bought the R9 nano and i'm trying to use it with my previous graphic card (r9 290) in crossfire mode. Nano works fine as a single graphics card but there is no available option for activating crossfire in the crismon software.

The R9 290 is marked as "deactivated" in radeon settings and the "additional settings tab" is missing the gaming tab completly in which the crossfire option is supposed to be. My mainboard is the Asus Z170-Pro Gaming with a Skylake i5-6600 Cpu. I already uninstalled the drivers with amdcleanuputility and with DDU. But no success so far. Attached are screenshots for gpu-z which shows the both cards and the missing crossfire option and one screen which shows the deactivated r9 290



Hope you guys have an idea...