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X-Plane 10 Linux and AMD Cards

Question asked by merlin123 on Feb 1, 2016

Hi everyone,


I am setting up a home flight simulator using the Simulator X-Plane 10 and AMD graphic cards.

Xplane 10 is using Open GL for rendering

I am using two AMD graphics cards in my system the R9 380 and the R7 265.

Under Windows as a operating system both cards give me the same performance in X plane witch is OK, but i was surprised that the r9 isn't faster even it is a much newer card.


But using Linux as an operating system, both cards are not performing good(About 10 Frames lower than on Windows, and the r9 even 15 ). Of course i made these tests witch the exact same situation and conditions using an amd eyefinity group with 3 1280x1024 monitors.


As a Linux distribution i use Linux mint Debian witch is actually based on debian and as a driver for both cards the fglrx Version 15.10


Why is the Linux system performing so bad?


My system specs are:

CPU: Intel 4790k at Stock Speed 4GHz

Motherboard Gigiabyte Z97X Soc Force

Two amd graphic cards: R9 380 and R7 265

8GByte Kingston Hyper X RAM


Note there is no visible performance difference using only one of this cards in the system, even the 4790 has only 16 pci-e lanes, and with two cards every card gets only 8 Lanes


It seems that the driver performs bad on linux using open gl