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HDMI Audio Stutter

Question asked by nalilord on Feb 1, 2016
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i have a problem with my TV/Couch gaming rig, i recently updated my Main rig to two 390X and put the two 290X into my TV rig (i know it is a stupid upgrade but i wanted more power in the TV rig, so...), than the problems began: random audio stutter/popping every now and then.


Before the upgrade i had two 270X in the TV rig and no problem at all! The problem only occurred when watching movies. I tested everything, swapped the card primary and secondary, disabled cf, used only one card, reinstalled windows 10, reinstalled windows 8.1, tried different driver versions. Nothing seemed to help. Yesterday i found a topic about HDMI audio problem and low 2D clock rates, fist i thought, wow what a BS! After i while i was curios and gave it a try, i started furmark and a played a video and the audio was fine! ***!?


Really AMD? First this Multi-monitor crossfire VSync issue and now this!? I'm a bit disappointed


So, is there any way to fix this? Except for the option to edit the cards BIOS and raise the 2D clocks? Also running furmak every time i want to watch a movie is not an option either


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