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    AMD FX (TM)-9590 Eight-Core Kühler?


      Guten Tag.

      Ich suche einen gescheiten Kühler für mein AMD FX (TM)-9590 Eight-Core

      Er soll nicht all zu groß sein!



      Danke im Voraus


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          There are numerous quality tower style HSF coolers for the FX-9590 but you need to check the clearances for your application. Some folks like liquid cooled coolers but I personally do not use them due to the documented leak damage caused by liquid coolers in PCs. There is plenty of technical information on cooler performance, cost, fitment, etc. at reputable websites so that you can make an informed decision. The link below is one site that properly tests CPU coolers to determine their cooling capacity and fitment. It might be useful in your search for a quality cooler.


          Probably any of the top 7 HSFs here should cool a FX-9590 properly.


          Top 5 Heatsink Charts on FrostyTech.com


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