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    Third monitor not working


      Been running a R9 290X for over a year now without much issue.  Recently one of my LG Flatron W2753V monitors died.  Ran my good two in 2x1 until I could figure out what I wanted to do.


      Pulled the trigger on three new Asus VG278HE monitors.  Used the cables that I have been using this whole time, but for some reason only two of my monitors are working in a group.  Using two DVI-D cables to my left and center monitors and an HDMI to the third, right monitor; just as I have been for a long time. The HDMI monitor says "no signal" and then goes into sleep mode.


      Updated the CCC to the latest.  I'm able to run a 2x1 group and CCC sees my third monitor, but for some reason the third HDMI monitor shows "no signal" and then goes into sleep mode.


      What gives?



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          The 290X can only support a maximum of two passive display connections, HDMI/DVI etc. THe third monitor and beyond will need to use an native displayport connection or an displayport - active adapter - passive connection.


          This video will explain the limitation.

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              Appreciate your willingness to help.  However, having to have two passive connections and one active connection hasn't been true for several generations of GPUs.  That technology is several years old.


              As I stated in my original post, I ran 5760x1080 with three PASSIVE connections with no problems for over a year.  I gamed, browsed the web, created spreadsheets, watched HD porno, etc. etc. with no problems.  One of my monitors died (RIP) so I bought three new 144hz, 2ms 1080p monitors and now for some reason one of my monitors is not getting signal.  I've swapped cables, monitors, etc. but to no avail.  I'm now led to believe my GPU is on its way out.  Guess that's as good a time to upgrade as any!