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No 3D on Power DVD 14 ultra

Question asked by groot1055 on Jan 31, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2016 by groot1055

Hi All,


Need some help, when i mount a 3D movie and press play the movie starts only with the intro and then it dies, on my previous PC no problem at all (W7). Just build a new PC (W10) with same graphics card installed. Just installed the latest AMD driver (CRIMSON) but the 3D advisor claims the graphic card driver is not 3D ready....


It dies as well playing a ISO file from a HD or a BD 3D from the plextor drive.


Really frustrated here,  it really looks like somethings wrong with the AMD driver or maybe W10? anyway never had any problems with my prevoius W7 system and CCC.


Any thoughts tips would be really appreciated.


Cheers Hildo


System I5 6600K Skylake, DDR4 16 GB, grapics card ASUS HD7770 2GBD5 powering EPSON TW8100