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I have a huge problem!

Question asked by vhid on Jan 31, 2016

Hi, i'm from Argentina so i will try to explain what my problem is, and I'll to do my best with my english.

I have a MSI R9 290 series on my computer with a Gygabite H97M-GAMING 3 motherboard, my problem is that when I tried to use my pc with a new Samsung monitor and windows 7 I couldn't do it, when I plug the pc to my Sony TV I can use it, but not with the monitor. In that moment I tried to use the monitor with another devices and it works, so I think that there is not any problem with that. So I format my pc, and I upgrade my windows 10, and there is no way to get the monitor work with my pc, I upgrade the BIOS of the mother, I tried mostly everything. So I'm here now looking for a hand to this problem, if anyone could understand what I wrote and give me any advice it will be great.


Thanks for reading and sorry for my english.