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    Windows long boot. LSM service. How can I fix it?


      Notebook HP Pavilion g6-1309er. Problem: long windows boot because of video drivers.


      Windows 10 was updated from Windows 7. After that I formatted HDD and made clear installation of Windows 10.

      During installation Wi-Fi and Ethernet were off. I installed Windows Perfomance Analyzer and made boot trace

      xbootmgr -trace boot -traceFlags BASE+CSWITCH+DRIVERS+POWER -resultPath C:\Trace

      No problem

      1. после установки Windows - WPA.jpg

      Some devices were unknown because internet off.

      1. после установки Windows - диспетчер устройств.jpg

      After that I made Wi-Fi on, get internet on, automatic update windows and drivers and repeat boot trace

      Now is problem. LSM service starts 78 seconds.

      2. после обновления - WPA.jpg

      Video drivers were installed as:

      2. после обновления - диспетчер устройств.jpg

      Problem is fixed if I delete video drivers and install drivers version 8.982.10.5000 from HP website.

      But after reboot windows update video drivers again and problem repeats.

      Have anybody ideas, how to fix this problem?

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          Thank you!

          I couldn't figure out why an Acer Aspire 7750G took so long to boot Windows 10.

          As it turns out, the user upgraded to Windows 10 without checking for compatibility...

          AMD doesn't offer proper Radeon HD 7670M Windows 10 drivers.

          Some old version from 2012 was installed on the Notebook. After uninstall, the laptop booted just fine.

          After somI installed Catalyst 14.9 for Windows 8 x64 and the problem appeared again.

          I think it's because of how Win10 loads the driver...


          Also, WTF AMD, why do you offer the latest Crimson Software and Drivers to 7670M users?

          Through the Driver search mask:

          Notebook Graphics > Radeon HD Series > HD 7xxxM > Windows 10 - 64 Bit

          Returns the

          AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition Display Driver version 15.30.1025.1001

          While under its Supported Products tab, you can see

          AMD Radeon™ HD 7700M+ Series

          As the minimum supported Series. Radeon HD 7xxxM apparently doesn't include the Radeon HD 7670M as fas as AMD is concerned.

          Same for Windows 8, for which there at least is an official driver (14.9) with 7670M Support.


          That's how AMD rolls, just drop support for older Hardware without actually telling you. And then they only offer you Drivers which doesn't support your Hardware m(

          FFS AMD, just give every Product a Product Page and link in latest and past driver versions, which actually support this product, on that page.

          Why do I have to download the actual supported Driver from shady 3rd party sites?