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Eyefinity 2x3 Display Group

Question asked by lancer on Jan 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2016 by lancer

Monitors:  (Six) Dell U2715H (DP 1.2 MST enabled)

Graphics:  AMD HD7990 (DP 1.2 MST)

Software:  Radeon Crimson 16.1  (15.301.1201)

OS:  Windows 10


Six 27" monitors of the same model and resolution are arrayed in a 2x3 configuration (two columns, three rows):


5    6

3    4

1    2


Monitor #1 is the primary monitor with the Windows taskbar extended across monitor #1 and #2.  Monitors are all connected using DisplayPort cables.  The four miniDP ports on the HD7990 graphics card connect to DP ports on monitor #1, #2, #3, and #4. Monitor #5 is daisy-chained (DP 1.2 MST) from monitor #3 DP-out. Monitor #6 is daisy-chained (DP 1.2 MST) from monitor #4 DP-out.  All monitor displays have good video signal.




1.  With Eyefinity, how do I create a 2x3 display group for the 2x3 monitor array?  (Not 3x2)


2.  If a 2x3 display group option is not yet available in Eyefinity and I am limited at this time to a 2x2 display group, what is my best option to have use of monitors 5 and 6?  For example, can a second display group, a 2x1 configuration, be created on monitors 5 and 6, that will coexist with the 2x2 display group on monitors 1, 2, 3, and 4?


3.  After creating display groups and saving the display group name, I could not find a list of those created display groups to select or manage.  How are saved display groups managed?


4.  Does Eyefinity (or other AMD multi-monitor software) have any application location control functionality? (to define and control where applications open (on which monitor), and to assist quick hotkey application movement between monitors)  If not, are there any compatible 3rd party software recommendations?


Thanks in advance for any assistance!


I submitted these questions to AMD tech support (email) a month ago, but they only reply with script answers that are not responsive at all to the questions, as if they are answering some other question.  Total fail.


To AMD (assuming AMD staff reads these forum posts):  If a 2x3 display group option is not available in the current software version, please improve Eyefinity functionality to include a 2x3 display group option.  Very important to us 2x3 array users!  Also, maybe it's because I’m a new Eyefinity user, but I find Eyefinity very difficult to navigate and use, and its behavior is odd. In 2001 I began using multi-monitors with a Colorgraphic video card and Mover (their application control software), and Eyefinity’s functionality and ease of use, surprisingly, is proving to be inferior to that 15 year old software.  So, lots of possibility for improvement.