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How hard is it to release drivers that Crossfire actually work?

Question asked by sinster on Jan 31, 2016

So far all the Crimson drivers for me. I can't get any crossfire support.  I've been through all the releases.. 15.11, 15.12, and 16.1 (hotfix).  I can not get crossfire to work on any of these drivers.


I've been an AMD supporter for a very long time.  Started off with the Thunderbird CPU all through to the FX series.  Then after being disappointed with AMD recent releases falling short when it come to temp, power consumption, and lack of performance. I went back to Intel after some resistance from myself.  Now here I'm at crossroads again debating with myself to go back to NVidia. I've been using dual setups since the ATI 4870 after being with NVidia since TNT days and resisting SLI from Voodoo.


I get it that nothing is going to be perfect all the time and that NVidia have people like myself having.  Three drivers releases and I'm still not able to run Crossfire torques me off little. Now if I roll back my drivers I get crossfire back, but Just Cause 3 graphics are messed up here I'm in a catch 22.


I uninstall the drivers, use DDU, and then CCleaner. Then Install drivers.


So I've tried 15.7.1 and Crossfire is working on the games I want them to.  Now if I setup a profile for a game and set CF to disable. It's not disabling CF.  See attachment.