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crimson drivers wont install they keep freezing at analyzing stage of install.

Question asked by wannos on Jan 31, 2016

ive done the usual turn off updates firewall defender anti virus.. blah blah... ive uninstalled drivers for standard vga in safe mode but it wont allow me to install amd because the device is not activated lol  and when i start windows normally it auto installs the standard vga drivers with no options to turn off auto install because its just windows home edition.. i have all the latest updates for windows and latest bios and updates for my mobo and everything else.. and crimson just freezes!!! it wont go past it it just locks the entire pc up with no remorse.. forcing a reset !!!! does any one know how to fix this rediculous amd driver that appears to be a rushed release  ???  my system is I7 6700k msi r9 390 8 gig vram  msi m7 mobo and duel 850 250 gig ssd raid 0.. windows installed a treat but this graphics driver is becoming the bane of my existance.. its rendering my gaming pc useless. and no catalyst wont install either.. and i cant find how to uninstall intel hdmi drivers either.. some one on here must behaving as much trouble as i am but have fixed it!!! ??




now here is the clincher..


ive already had crimson running on this syetm lol.. perfectly might I add.. but since I did a fresh install of windows 7 and added my new raid config ssd  drives   crimson simply wont install..


a speedy resolution would be welcome from amd them selves as its their software. and only they truly know what its flaws are.


this is starting to wind my up