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Black Ops 3 Shadow Flicker? Crossfire issue?

Question asked by tekk047 on Jan 30, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2016 by xdevildice

Today Is day one with a first Crossfire set of R9 290x's Vision Tek's Identical. I am very Pleased with the results as a Live Streamer on Twitch, the extra V-Ram is great!


The Question is and don't see very much searching for it... "Black Ops 3 Shadow Flickering with a Crossfire" set up. I disable the Crossfire and dont get any more flickering.

Curious to see if anyone else has experience this issue with this game particularly in general crossfire or not.


Graphics Cards - R9 290x's (Crossfired, not OC'ed)


AMD Catalyst Driver Version - 15.301.1201


OS System - Windows 7 X64 bit ( FRESH INSTALL as of 01/30/2016 )


Issue Stated above ^^^


CPU - AMD FX 9590 5.1 GHZ 1.48v ( very stable )


Displays - Asus Gaming Monitor 144 Hertz ( Dont remember model... ), 2nd Monitor Samsung 5ms/60 hertz ( Generic Monitor dont know model )


Mobo - Sabertooth 990FX R2.0


Bio's Version - Dont remember but up to date. Dont imagine this will have any effect.


PSU - EVGA 1300 Super Nova



System is literally fresh and fresh install of windows 7 x64, System is only for gaming purposes and streaming. If any other SPECIFIC info is needed, please let me know. From what I understand... Crossfire support isnt supported or has issues in Call Of Duty Black Ops 3.


Thanks! Just wanted to poke out in the crowd and see if anyone else has dug into this issue. Thanks!


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