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    big graphic problems with this combination radeon r7 265  on steam linux under ubuntu 15.10 using bioshock infinite


      I m having graphic problem with bioshock:

      1 problem, strange colors box show on the game, on 1900x1080 on every on low.


      my pc is a core i7 5500u , 16 gigas memory , 250 gigas free storage with 32 gigas swap


      catalyst version used , bios graphic version (released 08/28/2014 at 23:42:39


      software graphic version driver 15.201.1151-150908a-188977E

      version catalyst control center, 2.21




      The game show problem with colors, like show red and green...


      This is a notebok Dell Inspiron 5548


      Service tag FY5DF82