Display driver has stopped working and has recovered almost ONLY when playing CS:GO

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Hello! I got my graphic card two or three months ago. because my other card had a fault in it after 3 years of using it (so were I bought my first card sent me a new one (Radeon R7 370)). So.. my problem is that while im playing CS:GO I sometimes crash. it's usually each game one or two times. The game freezes and loops the sound over and over again until I have to manually quit (CTR+Alt+Del) After I've quit. I get this message "Display driver has stopped working and has recovered"


I've played many other games for hours without a crash. (So I don't know if this is a problem Valve should fix or you guys). But I also get the same crash when

I open Radeon settings.


I've tried:

To google my problem.. but i cant find a solution that works for me.

- Set a few launch options that may help me.

- Lowered the video settings. still no difference.

- Reinstalled windows on an SSD.. I Thought that i fixed it.. but it came back yesterday after a month of no crashes.

- Lowered the settings in Radeon settings


Any help would be appreciated