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PC will not boot

Question asked by dcw on Jan 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2016 by dcw

Hello, My PC will not boot and had been running fine for 11 mth. It started stuttering then just froze. Tried to reboot and did not get a post. Took out CMOS batt with system unplugged, nothing. Swapped power supply from 600 watt to new 650 watt, nothing. Pulled RAM sticks (4gbx2) tried each one separately, nothing. Swapped r9 280 Dual X for an R7 250 tied again, nothing. Sent the motherboard back to gigabyte and they tested it with multiple configs but found nothing wrong.  The fans did turn on (R9 280) when I tried to power it up so that and swapping with R7 250 should have told me if it is the card. Only thing left is the FX 6300 CPU?


Thanks for your assistance.