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No moniter signal with the r9 360 gaming 4g

Question asked by randalllaine on Jan 30, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2016 by amdmatt

Good evening, I have a long tale to tell


It began long ago when my pc crashed and showed usually a bright colour, the sound becoming a horrid noise which would force me to restart my pc from the begining.


This is not the problem I face today.


I found the solution, to bring forth a new graphics card to my pc, to dispence with the old and to begin anew, to see if this would solve my problems and bring me to a new level of gaming. But alas, my friend and I spent many an hour attempting to bring my plan to fruition.The graphics card would not show an image on the screen, sometimes the sound of it going to the begining of the log in where the music plays on my windows 10 would play. But I could go no further, other times it does not get that far, and I find myself thinking over all the solutions I tried.


With the AMD app nor the live update, I did not find an avenue to download the graphics drivers necesary for the card itself. I did not find it from the automatic prompts from the provided cd disk either. And I did not see any solution spring forth, when I attempted to discover the drivers manually online or via any other message board.


Finding myself despondent as I purchased games in preparation for the forray into gaming not a day before. My friend reset the bios by prompting me to remove the silver circular battery from the pc for a few minutes before putting it back in, but this did not change anything. We uninstalled the display drivers for the old graphics card thining that it would automatically begin a type of... I can't mind what he called it but something was to show up, but it did not. It did for the old graphics card we put in. We wondered if it was perhaps a lack of power from my power box, but it is difficult to confirm without manhandeling more of the pc (My friend spoke to me through the mysitcal webcam of the black eye.) and so, in our last gambit, we brought in a second moniter, attached the moniter to the onboard mother board while the new card was in and... Found that it would not start up.


I beseech you, can you aid me?


But in short and less flowery mystical fantasy terms. No signal to moniter and only starts up if pci and moniter cable is in the other card, but the computer only registers the other card despite the new graphics card getting power and looking like it works with the fan spinning and the small dragon lighting up. The old graphics card is a amd 600/900 (Think its 900) And I'm hoping someone can help out.