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Radeon R9 270X blank screen on any OS only after installing drivers?

Question asked by thewhitewox on Jan 30, 2016

I had to go back to my old computer and after about 6 months of it not being powered on, I reinstalled Windows 7.

After I got it up and running, I installed the video drivers. After restarting I'd get past the BIOS screen and than nothing happens. It will just remain a black screen.

My monitor doesn't turn off so it is outputting something. I tried installing Ubuntu, but after it installs it reboots and gets to the GRUB menu, and than freezes on the Ubuntu boot screen.

I managed to get the video to work using the integrated GPU and it booted up. I did something that I forgot that made Ubuntu get past the boot screen, but than just show a white screen. I got Ubuntu to work by editing the grub boot options and adding radeon.modeset=0.

I switched back to Windows 7 due to wanting to game and using the integrated GPU caused video glitches in video games. But can't install any video drivers