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I have a problem, I have a video card AMD 7850 HD, crash to desktop, broke gameplay

Question asked by medieval on Jan 30, 2016



I have the video card for like 2 years, I have an processor Intel core i5 3570 3,4Ghz, quadcore, and 8 G of ram,  gives me a crash to desktop in high end games, like Elder Scrolls Online, Skyrim, Heroes of the Storm, 7 Days to die, just crash to desktop, gives me a blackscreen, sometimes is a windowed blackscreen, just broke my gameplay, I can play sometimes 10 minutes, other times less , I dont know the reason, but doesnt happen with low end games or oldest like Warcraft III: Frozen Throne, I can play that game forever and I will not have a crash to desktop. My screen sometimes blink in black



Miserably I havent found an answer, every little of help I could get are common and basic tips what doesn't work, I meant some answers I get are: "uninstall your driver using that tool" and then "install it again"..., "put thermal paste to your graphic card, clean it" and things everyone one who have a little of knowledge must know


If someone too smart to tell me what could be please would be so cool, and I think If I dont see any responses here its because AMD people arent helping old video card users, what is terrible...