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Chrimson 16.1 LoadLibrary failed with error 126, when opening OpenGL application (HD 7770, win 10)

Question asked by toastystoemp on Jan 29, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2016 by toastystoemp

Recently, updated to the latest driver ever since some of my applications have not run, or run super slow.
I have a rather odd setup as in I'm running 3 different branded graphics cards on 1 machine in a very complicated setup.
However I am sure that the root of the problem is the latest driver, since after doing a rollback to an older driver the issue was resolved.
The new driver was for some reason reinstalled, and the issue reoccurred. I checked to be 100% sure I had the latest hot-fix. to no avail.





PS. here is a screen shot of the error message: gB2W7au.png