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    driver crashing



      GPU: AMD Radeon R9 390

      Operating System: Windows 7 x64bit

      Driver version: Radeon Software Crimson Edition 15.12

      Display Device(s): Acer, USB, "Default refresh rate", Resolution @ 1920x1080 (recommended)

      Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. 990FXA-UD3 (CPU 1) Reversion 4.0

      CPU/APU: AMD FX8320E AM3+ 8-core Vishera 32nm Technology 3.2Ghz-4.0Ghz Auto-Overclock (Unlocked)

      Power Supply Unit Wattage: 750W

      RAM :16GB+ Physical, 3GB+ Virtual



      well i recently pulled out my HD7870 and upgraded to a R9 390. i already uninstalled ALL previous AMD drivers with the AMD all driver remover. then installed the drivers: catalyst, and Crimson 16.1. So then i get into playing. i play games such as Fallout 4, Armored Warfare, and the such. BUT during certain intervals in these games, such as explosions, high decals, heavy/medium shader, heavy shadows, and/or dynamic lighting. the screen will start to flicker to black, then the device manager gives the tone that a device has been lost, then its been found and the screen comes back on. This GPU is far able to handle these games. I DO NOT RECEIVE A MESSAGE SAYING THE DEVICE HAS CRASHED.

      using the AMD all driver remover. i dont have any previous drivers on the system other then the Catalyst set (what came with it) and the new Crimson driver that i had to reinstall.


      Then i thought it was just a driver error. so i uninstalled the 16.1 then installed the last driver, the 15.12 Crimson. But that didnt work nether.

      So i tried messing with my resolutions, it turns out that wile on Armored Warfare. the game will not crash the Drivers as often the lower the graphics i put it on. I recently bought a 290x but had the same problem. so i thought it was just the card and sent it back. Then bought the 390 which is posing the same problem.


      I have already upgraded all my drivers and updated the chipsets but still encounter the drivers crashing.

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          For now, as a few drivers have been installed on the current installation of Windows I would recommend a clean install Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers. Its highly regarded in the community. Anything could be left over and causing a conflict even in the OS sub folders.


          You should download 16.1 again, only 16.1. Make sure its the full 300mb download. And use that. Everything on that Clean install list needs to be followed like no internet etc.


          When thats all done, run a GPU benchmark. This will determine if the device is working, then check games. It should be noted now you have an excellent GPU your CPU will be the bottleneck in some high demanding games.


          Keep us posted

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              i followed the instructions. it DID help a little bit. the crashes are less frequent on higher graphics settings. but still happen.

              another thing to note. i am only getting 30FPS in my games. on all graphics settings

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                  In Crimson, under the GPU Overdrive tab, turn the power control all the way up to 50% (if thats max), if the crash is more frequent it might suggest something else. Turning power control up all the way isnt overclocking or upping the voltage, it just allows the card to use more current from its 12v. You could if it still crashes, turn it -50%. If the crashes stop or are less frequent, that would indicate a PSU problem.


                  Your PSU wattage is fair, what's the make and model so I can confirm the rails etc are of good standards etc.

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                      so. my computer set up involved.

                      the motherboard.

                      a ethernet to a internet wifi/wireless internet card (TP-Link)

                      a KAT5 local internet to modem house set up

                      x2 hard drives

                      x8 LED fans 120mm fans (uses the PSU 4pin main cables as the mobo doesnt have more then 2 case fan plugs on it)

                      the regular (not blu-ray) disk drive

                      x2 monitors

                      a i think it was addon card to add 5 or 6 more USB 3.0s (requires a direct link cord to the PSU as well)

                      an external USB case fan thats position to help exhaust heat from the GPU

                      x3 1600 DDR3 RAM chips

                      x1 pair of regular computer speekers

                      LED USB key board

                      and a USB wireless mouse


                      ALL with the AMD Radeon R9 390. that requires a 750w PSU.


                      SOO this PSU came to mind. what if the GPU was just jittering because it was a power issue instead of a GPU/driver issue? well. i unhooked my disk drive, unplugged the 2 expansion chips, and unplugged one of my monitors...

                      and now the GPU has stopped crashing!!!!!

                      BUT im still getting unusually low FPS for this GPU compared to what i got with the 7870HD. so this might be do to the fans, the hybrid drive that eats more power then a regular hard drive. the 1 additional RAM, and LED board.


                      so im going to upgrade my PSU to a 1000w

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                          "If the crashes stop or are less frequent, that would indicate a PSU problem.


                          Your PSU wattage is fair, what's the make and model so I can confirm the rails etc are of good standards etc."



                          Again to check we would need the PSU make, the jitter may be because of the 12v rail not allowing more than X current.


                          Make sure you buy a PSU with 2 PCIe rails for your GPU, 1000w is perfect, a good brand will last you an age.

                          eXtreme Power Supply Calculator


                          Glad your sorting a solution.

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                          "In Crimson, under the GPU Overdrive tab, turn the power control all the way up to 50% (if thats max), if the crash is more frequent it might suggest something else."


                          Dude! DUDE! you just can't imagine how helpful this post was! YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER!

                          I had the same problem with my ASUS R9290X Direct CU II OC since Assassin's Creed Syndicate launched and games after that.

                          at some points in some games, scenes with heavy shaders, heavy shadows, or dynamic lightnings and other heavy visual effects, weird dots did appear on my screen after a few minutes of playing, and then flicking and black screen and I had to restart my PC.

                          you just can not imagine how many threads I made for this problem here and there and how many ways I tried to solve this. and some people actually said to raise the voltage through ASUS GPU Tweak and I did that but it gave me crash. but when I did this, I could play Rise of Tomb Raider in the areas with the most heavy effects and highest setting without any crash or even sign of a crash for almost half an hour! I just don't know what it did. but looks like it finally solved my problem. and i REALLY appreciate your help!

                          thank you SO MUCH!

                          and just as a question. do I need to change that 0 to +50 in crimson setting everytime I want to play/quit a game or I can simply leave it there on +50 forever?

                          and does using this hurts my GPU after a while? or it's completely safe?


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                        That's great that you linked the clean install for the drivers, but the content is restricted and nothing comes up. Need a new one.