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    Screen tearing on cloned display that is not preferred


      I recently replaced my GTX 670 with a R9 290X.

      I have 2 monitors connected via HDMI (1080 and 1050) and a 1080p TV via HDMI that duplicates the primary screen.


      With the new AMD card I experience screen tearing in the bottom quarter (like vsync off but always the same spot) of the 1080p display that is currently not set as preferred.

      Setting the color format to 4:2:2 on the TV output doesn't seem to fix this issue regardless of which screen is preferred.

      Is there any way to operate these mirrored screens without having to tediously switch preferred displays?


      Alternatively, is there a way to make a shortcut to switch preferred screens, perhaps by some registry edit?

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          I've been experiencing the same issue for a few years now, and I believe I know the cause. AMD cards cannot synchronize the display across different screens when using HDMI or DVI, or when using DisplayPort for one screen and HDMI or DVI for the other. The only way to synchronize the display is to use DisplayPort connections for all screens.


          Read AMD's article about it here: Screen Tearing with Multiple Displays


          So you have three options: switching to Displayport if your screens support it, getting a card from the competition, or continuing to switch the preferred screen when needed. Personally, I've set the preferred screen to the one I use most for gaming and video, and I try to ignore the tearing on the other screen (I use two screens total). Not exactly an ideal situation, but there you have it.

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