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    290/290X Vulkan


      According to the datasheet the 290(X) does not support OpenGL4.5 and Vulkan.

      The 390 (X) but already because I wonder what the difference is.

      Up to a higher clock speed and faster memory, the chip is still the same.


      Are there still differences or attempts AMD to promote only their newer products?

      If it is so, I would unwillingly throw my 295X2 on the wall and in the future resort to Nvidia.

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          Ahh yes, Nvidia with its 15% reduction on last gen performance with GameWorks to encourage a high turn over of GPUs like its Apple or something?!


          From what I know Vulkan will support 4.1, so you'll be fine. The 2 chips are basically the same with the Grenada being an slightly improved chip for overclocking. Even my 7990 (4.4) will support it so wouldn't worry, AMDs involvement in Vulkan is Mantle, everything else is Khronos. Not long to wait now.

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              That there is no real difference between Grenada and Hawaii is already clear to me. That's why I asked the question.

              I ask again direct: Is it an error in 290 (X) Specifications OGL4.5 the Vulkan and do not show up or will it be hindered driver side of AMD in older GPU. This may answer me just one AMD employees.

              Prune older GPU really does not fit to AMD and my 295x2 can OGL4.5 if only 97% "GL_KHR_context_flush_control" is probably the only thing that does not go. So I am assuming that the datasheet is incorrect.

              AMD must go be a little better as far as certain things.

              I bought this unreasonable GPU to support AMD because they had the courage such a thing unthrottled to bring market (ok 3. PCI-E connector would have been desirable). But that was then lowered to even the price by 40% was hard for me to do is get a really bad Crossfire support (Anno 2205 is I believe still is not) and the Crimson driver is also not really good. From AMD Gaming Evolved catch I did not even know what that is on the one does not need to install it. so enough moan ^^

              hope you can read it, if not the google translator to blame

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                  From what I have read, Vulkan will support nearly every card today. At an educated guess if you can run Mantle, you can run Vulkan. I have even seen Vulkan supports OpenGL 3.1 cards, but that was a while back. I would say, if your chip is GCN then it will be fine.


                  I can see your view with AMD, but lucky I rarely have problems with their hardware. I buy a GPU my PC supports and a GPU I know will last me. I use drivers I know that work for me. I just research before I make a purchase.


                  I would suggest you read more about Vulkan, and the products you use. Your GPU is 2014, you have many years to go yet. As for the Nvidia bit, this forum is just user to user so you'll get better responses not bringing them up.


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