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Hey guys, as some of you may recall, I was the lucky winner of one of the holiday giveaway and received and R9 Fury Tri-X from AMD!  This card has been an absolute BEAST, but some technical difficulties have been tough to pin down.  Specifically, I was experiencing crashes at random points in BF4.  Sometimes within 5 minutes, sometimes 45 mins, and sometimes I could even play a few hours before a crash occurred.  These problems also extended to Civ 5 and Witcher 3.  Temps were always showing normal, no cooling issues.  AMDKMDAP was usually the failing process.  Cue the troubleshooting.   Consider the list of things below as things you can try if you're getting crashes:


Checked system integrity of BF4 within Origin.  Reinstalled BF4.

Disabled Origin/Steam overlay within game.

Reinstalled DX11 using BF4's DX installer.

Tried switching between Mantle and DX11

Used Sapphire Trixx to increased power limit.  Tried tweaking voltage up a little bit as well.  Also tried underclocking.  Did all of this with MSI afterburner as well.  Disabled ULPS

Forced fans to run at 80% instead of using fan profiles.

Switched the card's BIOS.

Undid overclocking of CPU.

Verified system integrity with SFC /scannow

Gave BF4 Run as Admin privileges, run in and out of compatibility mode.  Did this with both the 64 and 32 bit launchers.

Tweaked various quality settings including SMAA.  Dropping texture quality to high eliminated some wonky flashing textures it seems but did not fix stability issues.

Messed with Vsync.

Reinstalled drivers after stripping them with both Display Driver Uninstaller in safe mode and AMD's driver removal tool.

Tried older catalyst drivers (even worse)

Tried using Microsoft's Driver verifier tool.

Tried DXDIAG tool.

Checked for updated MoBo, GPU, SSD firmware/drivers

Checked crashdump/Event viewer logs till my vision blurred.


FINALLY I think I solved the problem by adding a TDRdelay registry entry as outlined here: Graphics driver stopped responding and has recovered....TDR fix

The next step was to either try a new PSU or reinstall windows, which I really didn't want to have to do.  After applying said fix I played Civ 5 for a few hours just fine, then played BF4 for the entire rest of the evening (3+ hours) with no issues with CPU overclock.  I think I finally got it fixed.  Posting the solution here for others to see if they're having similar problems.  Will update as necessary


Relevant System specs for the record:

ASUS M599FX Pro Rev 2.0

FX-8370 OC'd to 4.5ghz


R9 Fury Tri-X

Antec 750W HCG PSU

Windows 10 Pro (upgraded from Win7 UItimate)


Hope this helps anyone on red team having issues, it's a pretty comprehensive list of things to try if GPU troubleshooting.