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    For those of you experiencing display driver crashes


      Hey guys, as some of you may recall, I was the lucky winner of one of the holiday giveaway and received and R9 Fury Tri-X from AMD!  This card has been an absolute BEAST, but some technical difficulties have been tough to pin down.  Specifically, I was experiencing crashes at random points in BF4.  Sometimes within 5 minutes, sometimes 45 mins, and sometimes I could even play a few hours before a crash occurred.  These problems also extended to Civ 5 and Witcher 3.  Temps were always showing normal, no cooling issues.  AMDKMDAP was usually the failing process.  Cue the troubleshooting.   Consider the list of things below as things you can try if you're getting crashes:


      Checked system integrity of BF4 within Origin.  Reinstalled BF4.

      Disabled Origin/Steam overlay within game.

      Reinstalled DX11 using BF4's DX installer.

      Tried switching between Mantle and DX11

      Used Sapphire Trixx to increased power limit.  Tried tweaking voltage up a little bit as well.  Also tried underclocking.  Did all of this with MSI afterburner as well.  Disabled ULPS

      Forced fans to run at 80% instead of using fan profiles.

      Switched the card's BIOS.

      Undid overclocking of CPU.

      Verified system integrity with SFC /scannow

      Gave BF4 Run as Admin privileges, run in and out of compatibility mode.  Did this with both the 64 and 32 bit launchers.

      Tweaked various quality settings including SMAA.  Dropping texture quality to high eliminated some wonky flashing textures it seems but did not fix stability issues.

      Messed with Vsync.

      Reinstalled drivers after stripping them with both Display Driver Uninstaller in safe mode and AMD's driver removal tool.

      Tried older catalyst drivers (even worse)

      Tried using Microsoft's Driver verifier tool.

      Tried DXDIAG tool.

      Checked for updated MoBo, GPU, SSD firmware/drivers

      Checked crashdump/Event viewer logs till my vision blurred.


      FINALLY I think I solved the problem by adding a TDRdelay registry entry as outlined here: Graphics driver stopped responding and has recovered....TDR fix

      The next step was to either try a new PSU or reinstall windows, which I really didn't want to have to do.  After applying said fix I played Civ 5 for a few hours just fine, then played BF4 for the entire rest of the evening (3+ hours) with no issues with CPU overclock.  I think I finally got it fixed.  Posting the solution here for others to see if they're having similar problems.  Will update as necessary


      Relevant System specs for the record:

      ASUS M599FX Pro Rev 2.0

      FX-8370 OC'd to 4.5ghz

      8GB RAM

      R9 Fury Tri-X

      Antec 750W HCG PSU

      Windows 10 Pro (upgraded from Win7 UItimate)


      Hope this helps anyone on red team having issues, it's a pretty comprehensive list of things to try if GPU troubleshooting.

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          Thanks a million, I was getting discouraged with my new Fury X. This fix solved the black screen issue and stopped the driver crashes!

          Nice find ebonclaw!

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            *Edit*  The TDRDelay entry seems to have resolved some issues but created new ones in other games, where the display driver would hang SUPER hard with the error:"application blocked from graphics driver".  I deleted the TdrDelay entry and tried a new entry "TdrLevel" in the same key, setting the value to 0.  This essentially turns off TDR, which may work better for you.   Gaming has seemed much more stable, but I still get an occasional System_Service_Exception crash here and there.  Am going to mess with CPU overclock settings and ease off a bit to see if this resolves the issue; I recently tried to push the CPU to 4.6 and I think the max it's gonna run is 4.5 unless I start adding more vcore, which just isn't worth it.

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              Yes, I too am having issues but overall it's much better. I'll try the registry mod you suggested "TdrLevel" and see if that helps even more. Also, on another forum, someone had success with a program called ClockBlocker. You may benefit from this: ClockBlocker (profiled AMD power-management control) - Guru3D.com Forums I suppose I made a mistake applying your registry fix and this ClockBlocker program at the same time because I can't really tell which one benefitted the most. Sorry, I don't understand this at a high technical level like you. Anyway, thanks for the info!

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                  For what it's worth, I don't necessarily understand the exact reason why a fix works all the time, I just accept that it does.  What you really have to understand is what the problem actually is so you can accurately find a fix.  Of course, it's best to test one fix at a time to see if it makes a difference, often crashes like this are due to a specific reason that the need to employ multiple fixes is not usually effective, usually you just need to find the singular RIGHT fix. 

                  I tried the older catalyst driver and didn't have any luck at all with it, almost immediate crashes.  Right now I'm running the latest Crimson driver/hotfix.  The TDRlevel registry edit is a REPLACEMENT for the TDRDelay entry (delete TdrDelay key if implementing TdrLevel key).  TdrDelay sets the time TDR waits for the graphics card before it's deemed unresponsive and the driver restarted.  TdrLevel (with a value of 0) disables TDR entirely.  This may be useful if the TdrDelay entry causes crashes in other games, like it did for me.

                  More investigation reveals that TDR's (Timeout Detection and Recovery) implementation by Microsoft has been problematic in the sense that to TDR, a GPU can appear unresponsive, when in reality it's plugging along under load. 

                  Since you are also running an FX chip, if your thermals are looking good, you may opt to slightly increase the Vcore voltage like I did.  it's possible that my issues were exacerbated by not giving enough voltage to my overclocked CPU, even though I still experienced instability at stock speeds.

                  zealotki11er Running at 1080 is better than NOT running at 4k, amiright? 

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                  What driver version are you using? I found info that 15.11.1 is stable. I've been using it all day, ok for the past 4 hours or so (with the exact conditions below). BTW, I did make the TdrLevel change too, but the new display driver crashes continued afterwards.


                  The older driver listed as an AMD Beta is available at:


                  AMD Catalyst 15.11.1 Beta Driver for Windows


                  I have not had success with either the 15.12 or the 16.1.1 hotfix release(s). Neither one will run for me for long. 15.12 black screening and 16.11.1 freezes the PC, game seems to be running with no mouse or keyboard input. Task manager will not start. hard reset req'd + reboot. Video card is well below design parameters for heat and GPU clock.


                  Trying to play FarCry4. Asus Crosshair 5 formula, 16GB Mushkin blackline ram, Zambezi 3.61 AMD FX-8150 Black, 1050 watt Corsair HX PS. GPU= XFX Fury X H2o cooled, Ultra settings, nothing overclocked, eyefinity running at 5760X1080. Again, AMD display driver 15.11.1 beta is running stable... All observations are with this hardware and game, multiple drivers but all else the same.


                  Beats me as to why???  But it's stable now.

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                    i was having issues for months, specifically with CS:GO. Uninstalled raptr (Gaming evolved app) I have not had a crash since.

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                        Yeah, I kept Raptr off the system.  Last night I bumped my vcore a tad and everything seems to be running pretty well, but the TDRlevel entry has definitely helped.  The registry fixes seem to succeed where a LOT of other things have failed, but it's kind of an obscure fix that I think will become more common/necessary as Windows 10 usage continues to rise and needs way more visibility until Microsoft or AMD/Nvidia(as my research found this same fix needed for nvidia users) find a way to address it via downloads.  Again, it should be noted that tdrDelay fixed some issues but created others, whereas disabling TDR altogether with the TDRlevel entry worked much better without unintended side effects.

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                          I have always done the custom install after running the AMD Clean Up Utility, and have not installed Raptr. Didn't seem to matter tho...

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                          I have had these BF4 crashes for as long as I can remember but I though my OC was becoming unstable with temps only hitting ~ 62C on the hottest card. I lowered OC and the same thing. After playing 20-30 mins I would get black screen. I did not experience this in other games. Dota 2 would crash 10vs10 when global ultimates would overload something. At this point I am lost. Too much Beta software in my system. Windows 10, AMD Crimson, broken games... PC Gaming should be called PC Beta Gaming.

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                            I have been running AMD Catalyst 15.11.1 Beta Driver for Windows  for the last 4 days. No issues at all yet. I have played FarCry 4, PvsZ Garden Warfare and BioShock Infinite, all on the highest setting.

                            I want to reiterate, I am running W7-64 (so DX-11) and Eyefinity @ 5760X1080; which is 6,220,800 total pixels. In contrast, 4K is 3840 X 2160 which is 8,294,400 pixels for a grand total of almost 25% more pixels required for the 4K over that of 1080p Eyefinity X3. I don't have a clue if this matters, but logic makes me think it would.

                              I don't have access to a 4K monitor to test this, but I thought it was worth sharing.

                            So far the 15.11.1 Beta driver is the only one of many I've tried that has had no issues at all.


                            I hope this helps!