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Black screen Asus Strix r9 285

Question asked by kondas on Jan 29, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2016 by kondas

When i turned on my pc (Win 7, AMD FX 6350, 8GB DDR3) yesterday (2016-01-29)  i got a black screen after the Windows logo.

I can boot to safe mode without issues but if i try to open AMD Settings / Crimsom Panel y get an error stating "No AMD Product is present/installed", i uninstalled the GPU drivers and windows boots normally, but then windows auto install kicks in and ask for a reboot, again a black screen (everytime i booted windows normally when i restarted the system i got an error).

After disabling windows auto install and uninstalling everything i boot windows normally, install ADM Crimsom Drivers 15.12 but on reboot i get a black screen.

Booting on safe mode, uninstalling with Guru3d DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller and then booting windows normally i try to install AMD Full/Min drivers (15.12/16.1) but the setup crashes at 12-14%.

Attached the xmls generated by the crashes.

I use a Display Port Cable.