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    Black screen Asus Strix r9 285


      When i turned on my pc (Win 7, AMD FX 6350, 8GB DDR3) yesterday (2016-01-29)  i got a black screen after the Windows logo.

      I can boot to safe mode without issues but if i try to open AMD Settings / Crimsom Panel y get an error stating "No AMD Product is present/installed", i uninstalled the GPU drivers and windows boots normally, but then windows auto install kicks in and ask for a reboot, again a black screen (everytime i booted windows normally when i restarted the system i got an error).

      After disabling windows auto install and uninstalling everything i boot windows normally, install ADM Crimsom Drivers 15.12 but on reboot i get a black screen.

      Booting on safe mode, uninstalling with Guru3d DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller and then booting windows normally i try to install AMD Full/Min drivers (15.12/16.1) but the setup crashes at 12-14%.

      Attached the xmls generated by the crashes.

      I use a Display Port Cable.


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          Please make sure you have the latest Visual C 2013/2015 files installed and updated.


          Use the following link to disable automatic driver updates in Windows 10. Additionally, please make sure get updates for other Microsoft products is not enabled. One final step, which may be necessary to stop Windows 10 from forcing a driver update onto your system is to hide an update from Windows. Download the show or hide updates troubleshooter package to hide this driver update so it will never automatically install. Doing this should block the Windows driver from auto installing.


          Download the full Crimson 16.1 Hotfix driver from this link and install it.


          If issues persist, i would recommend rolling back to a Catalyst driver until we release our next Crimson driver.