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      My old but sturdy gaming PC that I use to game and donate my free CPU and GPU time with BOINC.





      CPUFX-4350 @ 4.5Ghz
      CoolerArctic Freezer A32
      MotherboardAsRock 970 Extreme4
      MemoryG.Skill Riwjaws 8GB 2133MHz
      GraphicsSapphire Dual-X R9 280X 3GB & Asus R7 250x
      Disc Drive 1ADATA SP900 256GB SSD
      Disc Drive 2WD Green 1.5 TB
      Disc Drive 3{drive3}
      PSUAntec 650W
      CaseBitfenix Shinobi white
      MonitorSamsung 27'' 1080p 2ms IPS S27C650
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          why do you have two GPU's that wont even work in crossfirex..... and them fans man.... so many fans....

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              I run BOINC to donate my CPU & GPU time to a few university astronomy projects. The tasks that BOINC runs on my PC can run independently on two separate GPUs without having to crossfire them. Also since I don't have a DP cable yet I can't run all of my 3 monitors without the second card (complicated issue). The fans are there since my PC is running 100% GPU and CPU load almost all the time and 2 GPU's heat things up in a not so big case like this. When I launch a game or so want to BOINC will stop the tasks running and free all of the CPU & GPU time.


              I don't pay for my internet or electricity (university dorm) so there is no negatives in running BOINC.


              ps. Didn't notice you answer before so this is a bit late.