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firepro cant place 4th monitor in top center unless rotated

Question asked by on Jan 28, 2016
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I have a z820 HP workstation running Windows 10 with a FirePro v7900 video card running:

Driver Packaging Version: v15.201.2401-151104a-296716C-Retail_End_User

2d driver: v8.01.01.1500

Direct3D: v9.14.10.01128

OpenGL: v6.14.10.13411

Mantle Driver: v9.1.10.0083

AMD Control Center: v2015.1104.2211.39859


When I arrange my monitors in AMD FirePro Control Center (3 across the bottom, and 1 in the top center)

like this:



and then apply the arrangement , they all move to a single row like this: XXXX


I have found that if I rotate the top monitor (using Control Center) I am able to Arrange and apply successfully.

I do not use eyefinity display groups, as I need the monitors separate.


is this a defect? or a limitation?

it seems odd that I am able to center the top display when it is rotated.

is there a possible workaround?


Thanks for any advice you may have.