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    crossfire the division




      has anyone managed to get crossfire worknig on the division beta ? if so could someone give me a heads up.


      I have seen a lot of people that have the same issue as me, only one card working whilst in game. I am running a 4k monitor so i need both my fury x's to work


      If there is no way for crossfire to work on the current drivers will there be a hot fix coming out ?

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          Have you tried creating a custom CrossFire profile?

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              I have the same Issue as Labby.

              When I run the  Tom CLancy's ( The Division )  I have all kinds of problems. Game Stops and then Im booted back to the Desktop.  I have to go to Task Manager to Kill the Game.  It seems like it crashes in memory  or something. If Im lucky it runs for 30 secs then crash , but sometimes it  crashes as soon as I move.

              The frame rates are also bad and the game is very sluggish with crossfire on.


              I running R290s  in crossfire mode with Crimson 16.3 latest drivers.

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                Please put up an example of how you would create a custom profile for the Division and I will be more then happy to test it out.

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                    Try Crimson 16.8.3 in Crossfire. 16.8.3 has positive scaling and no flicker on my System. 

                    Make sure you Turn off Frame Pacing and Frame Rate Target Control. - Turning these on always causes my Crossfire Games to Freeze or Crash after a few minutes.

                    Hope this helps.